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  1. working on my fitness
    Bask in the Glory of Misty Copeland Dancing to Saul WilliamsIn a new Under Armour video.
  2. Tom Brady Teamed Up With Under Armour to Make Some High-Tech SleepwearIt uses “far-infrared” technology to improve your sleep.
  3. Under Armour CEO Pens Open Letter in Response to Criticism of His Trump SupportHe also spoke out against Trump’s travel ban.
  4. politics
    Misty Copeland Isn’t Okay With the Comments Made by Under Armour’s CEOAs the face of the brand, Copeland said she spoke privately about the matter with CEO Kevin Plank.
  5. Under Armour’s CEO Is an Enthusiastic Supporter of President Donald Trump“To have such a pro-business president is something that is a real asset for the country.”
  6. swellness
    Misty Copeland on Protein and Unconventional Meditation“The ballerina body is constantly evolving.”
  7. hashtag menswear
    In Menswear, What Comes After Athleisure?Tim Coppens and Michael Kors had a few ideas.
  8. annals of athleisure
    Under Armour Is Coming Out With a Premium LineDesigned by fashion darling Tim Coppens.
  9. workout gifs
    4 Actually Fun Workout MovesRaise your heart rate without looking at pictures of Idris Elba. 
  10. workout gifs
    Workout Moves You Can Do at the BeachIf you’re one of those people.
  11. punching and kicking
    Watch Sweaty Gisele Kung-Fu KickAs the new face of Under Armour.
  12. health and wellness
    Watch Misty Copeland Dance Away RejectionWhile looking good in a crop top.
  13. when two become one
    Under Armour’s Fancy New Sneaker Is Made of a BraWhen two become one. 
  14. gunslingers
    The Times Explains How to Hide Your Gun and Still Look StylishDon’t you feel safer already?
  15. loose threads
    DVF Found ‘Her Prince’; Tel Aviv Fashion WeekPlus, Heather Marks on the cover of Turkish Harper’s Bazaar.
  16. mr. bundchen
    Tom Brady Got a Big New Modeling Job!He’s the new face of Under Armour, with print ads debuting in January.