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  1. celebrity
    Usher Is Flexin’ for Skims NowSuddenly the Super Bowl doesn’t seem so bad.
  2. always shopping
    The Best Lingerie for Valentine’s Day and BeyondWhether you want sexy, sweet, or super-affordable.
  3. always shopping
    17 Best Pairs of Thongs That Are Actually ComfortableThey exist.
  4. always shopping
    The Best Underwear in Our DrawersThe Cut editors have spoken.
  5. fashion
    Your Guide to Gen-Z-Founded UnderwearFor Gen Z, there was a time when Victoria’s Secret ruled all. Now, wearing an Instagram intimate brand is a badge of modernity.
  6. hot shot
    Nothing Comes Between Bradley Cooper and His EllensThere can be 100 pairs of boxer briefs in a room …
  7. certified lover boy
    What’s Drake Doing With All These Bras?Inquiring boobs want to know.
  8. underneath your clothes
    20 Sustainable, Ethical Underwear BrandsI spent hours poring over brand sustainability reports so you don’t have to.
  9. feature
    Do Those Free Panties Make You Feel Good About Yourself?Parade, the social-justice undies brand, tries to go mainstream and still be cool.
  10. horny police
    Would You Let These Clowns Take Over Your IG?Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly do an underwear ad.
  11. inspiring!
    Brave Woman Says She Doesn’t Like Underwear“I stopped wearing underwear a long time ago,” actress Emma Thompson said in a recent interview.
  12. meet the new
    Two Longtime Friends Making Revolutionary UnderwearUrbody was created with trans and nonbinary people in mind.
  13. fashion
    Have You Noticed a Parade of Butt Pics on Your Feed?A new underwear start-up is sending free products to what seems like every cool girl on Twitter and Instagram.
  14. uh oh
    You Might Want to Throw Away Your Thinx UnderwearA scientist found high levels of toxic chemicals in the popular menstrual underwear.
  15. campaign trail
    Twinkly Undies From an Inclusive New BrandParade’s “Gen-Z expressive” underwear goes up to size 3XL.
  16. always shopping
    A Brand to Solve Your Underwear ProblemsThe KiT has everything you need.
  17. campaigns
    Would You Believe Diplo Has Taken His Shirt Off Yet Again?For the new Calvin Klein Underwear campaign.
  18. celebrity
    Kim Kardashian Wore a Thong As Old As Kylie JennerWhere has that underwear been before?
  19. bad gal blessings
    Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Lingerie Is Here! Complete With Whips and Handcuffs.Is there anything this woman can’t do?
  20. bad gal
    We Really Hope It’s True That Rihanna Is Designing LingeriePrayer hands.
  21. fall 2018 menswear
    Tom Ford’s Menswear Show Made a Strong Case for Sex SocksThe designer brought panties with “panache” to New York.
  22. pop-ups
    The Future of Shopping Has No Price TagsAmazon and Calvin Klein’s holiday pop-up is a tech-filled wonderland.
  23. underneath it all
    This New Brand Makes the Case That Men Need Lingerie, TooThe founder of Agent Provocateur is moving on to Les Girls Les Boys.
  24. recommendations
    Where Do You Buy Comfy-Slutty Underwear in a World Without American Apparel?A few solid options.
  25. birds of prey
    Birds Have Been Stealing Skinny-Dippers’ Underwear for NestsThey’ve been stealing from skinny-dippers.
  26. always shopping
    Cool, Simple Underwear for People Who Hate ThongsThey’re ecofriendly, too.
  27. gallery
    The History of Modern Underwear in 10 ObjectsFrom the corset to the thong.
  28. Makers of Period Panties Introduce Version for Trans MenTrans model and artist Sawyer Devuyst introduces the new line in a moving video. 
  29. granny panties
    You Can Now Bid on Queen Victoria’s Roomy Cotton PantiesThe monarch’s monogrammed undies are expected to sell for several thousand pounds.
  30. just underwear
    A Guide for What to Wear Under White Clothing Practical undergarments.
  31. let’s go to the mall
    Where Will We Buy Our Affordable Crotchless Panties Now? Another great mall brand closes its trashy doors.
  32. underwear
    Pro Tips on Wearing Underwear, From Heidi KlumInsider advice from an industry expert.
  33. the lingerie paradox
    When Do You Actually Wear Your Fancy Lingerie?Do you only resort to fancy panties on laundry day, like me?
  34. video
    Underwear Company to Men: Get on Women’s LevelWe can’t even get away with your stretched-out briefs on laundry day.
  35. harsh reality
    Should Women in Their Forties Model Underwear?Christy Turlington vs. Heidi Klum: dueling perspectives.
  36. underwear
    Victoria’s Secret HistoryThe company that got rid of undergarment-purchasing embarrassment.
  37. bold choices in undies
    Finally, Rihanna’s Denim Thong From All AnglesLayered with another thong, stuffed with dollar bills.
  38. undergarments
    The Underwear Hiding Under Fashion Week Outfits“We’re known as being invisible.”
  39. cut chat room
    Cut Chat: Sisterhoods of Traveling Thongs, Slutbags, and SlampiecesThe week in vulva insults.
  40. designer sisters
    First Look: Penélope Cruz’s New Lingerie LineL’Agent is ready to be revealed.
  41. tragedy
    In Underwear Ads, Men No Longer Just Pieces of MeatThey get an “identity.” Lucky.
  42. cut chat room
    Rihanna’s Denim Thong: A DiscussionSinger posted butt-exposing jeans on Instagram.
  43. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Thom Evans, the Ex–Rugby Player Underwear ModelMultiple shots, from every under-covered angle.
  44. boobs or lose
    Finally, a $200 Dryer for Padded Bras Is Here!We thought this day would never come!
  45. just underwear
    In Defense of Wearing Thongs to Work OutThey’re not for everybody, but some of us swear by them.
  46. booby trapped
    Confessions of a Tween Victoria’s Secret WearerA response to Good Morning America’s outrage.
  47. Mantyhose Is Supposedly ‘Thriving’ in EuropeSays the company who makes them.
  48. wardrobe malfunction
    The Exact Moment Anne Hathaway Heard About Her Naked Upskirt Picture“It has hit. It has landed. A bomb has gone off.”
  49. kernels of truth
    The Anti-Rape Panties of ‘Victoria’s Secret’Internet hoax has a kernel of truth.
  50. adventures in sex
    The Great Spanx Sex ExperimentYou know the slit in the crotch of Spanx? I tried to have sex through it.

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