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  1. granny panties
    You Can Now Bid on Queen Victoria’s Roomy Cotton PantiesThe monarch’s monogrammed undies are expected to sell for several thousand pounds.
  2. trends
    Granny Panties Are Not About PoliticsThey’re just a comfortable way to make butts look cool.
  3. the lingerie paradox
    When Do You Actually Wear Your Fancy Lingerie?Do you only resort to fancy panties on laundry day, like me?
  4. interesting underpants
    Victorian Women Could Pee Standing UpThe gender-equalizing joy of “pantalettes.”
  5. undies
    Do You Worry About the Carbon Footprint of Your Underwear?It’s the little things that keep some people up at night.
  6. undies
    Butt-swathing undies are selling like hotcakes.And it’s all Lady Gaga and ‘Mad Men”s fault.
  7. undies
    What It Takes to Be a Calvin Klein Underwear ModelMehcad Brooks tried “Blue Steel.”