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  1. power
    COVID Is Pushing Black Mothers Out of the Workforce at a Staggering RateA new report found that the group has seen a greater drop in workforce participation than any other.
  2. unemployment
    Tens of Thousands of Airline Workers Just Lost Their JobsAfter Congress failed to pass another stimulus deal.
  3. desperate times
    ‘Feels Like They Are Just Waiting for Us to Die’On r/unemployment, thousands of desperate people have formed a community to step in where the government failed.
  4. unemployment
    Things Are Going to Get So Much WorseThe policies that have barely kept Americans afloat are coming to an end. What will we do now?
  5. power
    What Dimension Is Ivanka Living In?Amid record unemployment, she’s launched an ad campaign telling people to just find new jobs.
  6. sex diaries
    The 23-Year-Old Chasing Middle-Aged Men in the SuburbsThis week’s sex diary.
  7. tech
    Can Cell-Phone Data Predict Unemployment?You could be broadcasting a lot more information about your life than you realize.