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United Airlines

  1. lawsuits
    United Allegedly Did Nothing to Stop Pilot From Posting Flight Attendant’s NudesA new lawsuit claims the airline was aware the pilot was posting nudes of a flight attendant.
  2. sexual misconduct
    Woman Says Flight Attendants Made Jokes After Passenger Masturbated Next to HerShe also says the man was “allowed to finish,” with a child sitting close by.
  3. mistakes
    United Airlines Amends Grave Tomato Juice ErrorShame, SHAME!
  4. drama
    The CEO of United Airlines Is Allegedly Stealing SandOscar Munoz and his neighbors reportedly took sand from a public beach to build protective dunes in front of their homes.
  5. A Woman Says United Kept Serving a Drunk Man Alcohol After He Groped HerThe airline responded to her complaint by giving her four travel vouchers.
  6. social psychology
    The ‘Just-World’ Fallacy Could Explain Some of the Reactions to the United VideoAs the outrage over United’s treatment of David Dao shows, some people always want to blame the victim. There are psychological reasons for that.
  7. sad things
    Maggie Rizer’s Dog Allegedly Killed by United AirlinesThis is terribly sad.