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Unnecessary Things

  1. Clothes Weren’t Tight Enough, So We Invented Spray-On FabricWhat was the fit below “skinny-jeans”? It was “sprayed-on,” wasn’t it? 
  2. asia
    From Rice-Paddy Hats to Rickshaws: Fashion’s Misguided Glamorizing of AsiaYes, rickshaws. You can buy one at Anthropologie for $2,200 plus shipping.
  3. slow news day
    Someone Made $19,000 Gold ShoelacesSigh.
  4. unnecessary things
    Here Is an Outfit Made of ChocolateModeled by former Miss France, Cindy Fabre.
  5. unnecessary things
    Here Are the World’s Most Expensive Flip-FlopsThey cost $18,000.
  6. unnecessary things
    Here Is the Most Expensive Purse in the WorldJust in case you weren’t feeling poor today.
  7. unnecessary things
    New Yorkers Think Rodarte’s $500 Socks Are ‘Retarded’“Who would wear socks you can’t wash?”
  8. unnecessary things
    Your Chance to Smell Like Beverly Hills Has Arrived“Every city has souvenirs, so for Beverly Hills, why not some perfume?”