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  1. the object of our affection
    Outdoor Apparel for the AestheteAn inclusive collection for lovers of fashion and nature.
  2. let’s makeup
    Urban Outfitters Is Launching Its Own Makeup LineSay an “Oh hey” to Ohii.
  3. advent calendar 2017
    This Tiny Pink Rice Cooker Is Extremely CutePerfect for anyone with a tiny kitchen.
  4. nostalgia
    Let’s All Stop Freaking Out About Nostalgia FashionDoes anyone not remember that these brands signified the hallmarks of cruel, upper-middle-class suburbia?
  5. niche drama
    Coachella and Urban Outfitters in Most Hipster Legal Battle of the CenturyThe music festival says that the retailer is infringing on their brand trademark.
  6. now trending
    Yellow Sunglasses Will Make You Look Cool, Not CrazyThe classic Top Gun sunglasses get an update.
  7. fashion court
    Urban Outfitters Finally Settled Its Lawsuit With the Navajo NationIn a related story, Urban Outfitters will now be collaborating with the Navajo Nation.
  8. always shopping
    Why Is Adidas’s Urban Outfitters Collab All Over Your Instagram?Have you ever seen a better group of models?
  9. annals of retail
    Report: Urban Outfitters Asked Employees to Work for FreeBilling it as a “team-building activity.”
  10. best bets
    This Bubbly Lamp Will Brighten Up Your DeskIt even has an outlet. 
  11. lab rat
    Can a Green-Juice Cleanser Shrink Your Pores?A kale, spinach, and green-tea fusion that you splash on your face.
  12. The Ultimate Easy Vacation ScentWarm and beachy.
  13. best bets
    Chic Sunglasses to Finish Off Your Winter LookThrow some shade.
  14. urban ouchfitters
    For 2015, Urban Outfitters Brings You Thigh Gaps and SchadenfreudeA banned ad in the U.K.
  15. mo’ money mo’ problems
    33 Cool, Practical Wallets to Organize Your LifeYes, even some capable of holding the iPhone 6. 
  16. cred revoked
    Amazon Cool-Shames Urban Outfitters Over VinylClaims corrected. 
  17. lab rat
    Should You Believe in ‘Magical’ Mascara From Korea?Don’t be alarmed by the weird wand.
  18. boobs on pots
    New Hipster Job: Boob Potter“There’s definitely some overlap between my pots and the areola debate.”
  19. urban ouchfitters
    Another Day, Another Tasteless Urban Outfitters TeeAnd the store continues their sell-two-items, take-one-off-the-market strategy.
  20. urban ouchfitters
    Urban Outfitters May Have Gone Too Far With a Denim TutuWall Street analysts are concerned about the level of aggressive ugly.
  21. lists
    The 50 Most Controversial T-Shirts of All TimeIncluding, but not limited to, Abercrombie & Fitch.
  22. cut chat room
    Cut Chat: Reminiscing About Nineties Heeled Loafers, Now Back in StoresYou know you had a pair too.
  23. sea to shining sea
    Made in the USA: 15 Excellent American PiecesBright, colorful, conscientious statement pieces, all made on our shores.
  24. being serious
    In Defense of Pleated Pants: A RebuttalDon’t let anyone tell you pleats are a bad thing.
  25. payday!
    Urban Outfitters Sold Twice As Many Urban Outfits at the End of Last YearNow everyone can wear the same rompers for spring.
  26. broadminded
    The Shopping Ethicist: In Search of a Feminist BoutiqueCan a responsible feminist shop till she drops?
  27. loose threads
    Chanel to Show in Scotland; Town & Country Names New PublisherAnd here’s Kate Hudson in ads for Ann Taylor.
  28. loose threads
    Halle Berry Claims She’s Related to Sarah PalinPlus, Karl Lagerfeld is going to work forever.
  29. best bets
    Best Bet: byCorpus Burnout Flannel ShirtSmells like nineties redux spirit.
  30. vermin!
    Yes, You Still Need to Worry About BedbugsParticularly from Urban Outfitters, it seems.
  31. Conservative Group Outraged by Girls Kissing in the Urban Outfitters Catalogue“The content is offensive and inappropriate for a teen.”
  32. ins and outs
    Urban Outfitters Names New Chief Financial OfficerIt’s the company’s old chief accounting officer.
  33. loose threads
    J.Crew’s Earnings Triple; Tavi Now Has ‘Lower Standards’Plus, Alex Rodriguez wants a $17k store refund, “You Can’t Fake Fashion” bags go on sale, and more fashion news.
  34. lawsuits
    Hailey Clauson’s Urban Outfitters Lawsuit Proceeds Toward TrialA judge denied Urban’s request to dismiss the case.
  35. loose threads
    Chalayan’s New Elements; Essence’s Whitney CoverPlus, a solid-gold Hermès handbag, and more fashion news.
  36. lonesome dov
    Former Urban Outfitters Executive Moves to American ApparelJordan Schiff is their new general merchandise manager.
  37. ins and outs
    Turns Out Urban Outfitters’ CEO Left for David YurmanWell, that explains that.
  38. ins and outs
    Urban Outfitters CEO QuitsGlen Senk was with the company for eighteen years.
  39. out of something alright
    Urban Outfitters Attributes a Fourth Quarter of Losses to Lackluster Tops“We’ve seen this before when we had challenges making the tops relate to the bottoms perfectly or making the prints and textures work,” says the company’s CEO.
  40. backlashes
    Forever 21 Is in Trouble for Making ‘Navajo’ Panties, TooTheir version is pink and lacy.
  41. loose threads
    Ashley Greene Is DKNY’s New Face; J-WOWW Went Trick-or-Treating YesterdayAlso, Urban Outfitters has removed all “Navajo” merchandise from its website.
  42. backlashes
    Urban Outfitters in Trouble for Selling ‘Navajo’ UnderwearIt’s illegal for them to use the term, for several different reasons.
  43. beauty marks
    Chris Evans Stars in Gucci’s New Fragrance Ad; Facebook Eyes Physicians FormulaPlus, Urban Outfitters sells clip-on bangs, and Leighton Meester fronts a campaign for a South Korean beauty brand.
  44. loose threads
    Blake Lively Bought 40 Pairs of Loubs at the Sample Sale; Erin O’Connor Possibly Robbed by Her AssistantAlso, Carine Roitfeld talks about her son Vladimir.
  45. loose threads
    American Airlines Lost Miranda Kerr’s Wedding Dress; Barneys Is Overhauling Its Co-op StoresPlus, Harriet Mays Powell launched a new fashion website.
  46. first looks
    J. Press Makes Scarves, Ties, and Belts for Urban Outfitters Inspired by Select Ivy League SchoolsLook, a college-inspired tie perfect for spilling beer on.
  47. first looks
    Peter Jensen Made a Sweater With a Bunny Face on It for Urban OutfittersPeople might try to pet you.
  48. trendlet
    Slideshow: Fourteen Penny Loafers for FallLoafers are about to overtake oxfords as the most ubiquitous menswear-inspired flats.
  49. trendlet
    Slideshow: Fifteen Funkily Hemmed Tops and DressesMeet the mullet of hemlines.
  50. best bets
    Best Bet: Velvet Trim Riding JacketThis khaki jacket makes a trendy layer for fall.
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