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  1. media
    Michael Cohen Reportedly Got a Donald Trump Jr. and Aubrey O’Day Story KilledIt appears Us Weekly was planning to publish something on the alleged affair in 2013.
  2. The New Us Weekly Was Built to Flatter Ivanka TrumpHere’s why this week’s cover story happened.
  3. Shock Report: Amy Poehler Is Dating a Patent Lawyer Who Loves Ultimate FrisbeeUs Weekly dropped the bombshell exclusive last night.
  4. Brad Pitt Fights Back Against Angelina Jolie and Her Plot to ‘Destroy’ HimThe tabloids now insist Pitt is a really good dad.
  5. brangelina divorce
    Only One Tabloid Saw the Brangelina Divorce ComingUs Weekly predicted this shocking news back in June.
  6. 16 Celebratory SaladsCongrats on losing the post-baby weight — here’s a salad!!!
  7. who?
    5 Things We Allegedly Know About Lindsay Lohan’s FiancéFast facts about the man who has reportedly stolen Lindsay’s heart.
  8. games
    Based on This Us Weekly Questionnaire, How Old Would You Say Tyga Is?A guessing game.
  9. heroes
    Each Thing You Didn’t Know About Erykah Badu Is Better Than the Last“I’d love to ask God what’s up with the periods I get once a month!”
  10. bizarre pr
    The Top 5 ‘25 Things’ We Didn’t Know About Amanda Bynes“I survived Hurricane Sandy.”
  11. loose threads
    Lena Dunham Proud of Her Backward OutfitPlus, Karlie Kloss stars in Neiman Marcus’s holiday film.
  12. gone viral
    The Strange Case of Christina Aguilera’s Fake ‘Fat Girl’ QuotesWhen wishful thinking goes viral.
  13. body after baby
    Celebs’ Post-Baby Weight Loss Makes Other Celebs Feel BadWe feel fine about it, not that anyone asked. 
  14. pregnant cover girls
    To Compare: Jessica Simpson and Snooki’s Bumpy New CoversTheir poses are quite similar.
  15. bloggers are people too
    Scott Schuman and Garance Doré Have Finally ArrivedThey’re among the twenty most stylish New Yorkers chosen by ‘Us Weekly’!
  16. dress code
    Babies Really Don’t Need to Dress Like Suri CruiseParents increasingly want to dress their kids just like celebrity babies, like Suri Cruise. Sounds like just the message we probably don’t want to send today’s youth.