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  1. wait what is happening on tiktok?
    Why Does TikTok Want Me to Use My Vagina for Perfume?It’s called “vabbing,” obviously.
  2. burn baby burn
    Beware the Vagina CandleOne reportedly exploded in London.
  3. wellness
    The Goop Lab Will Actually Teach You Something About SexIts sex episode almost makes up for the infamous jade yoni egg.
  4. now smell this
    The Story Behind Goop’s Vagina CandleTalking to Douglas Little, the perfumer behind the candle, on what it was actually supposed to smell like.
  5. we tried this
    Does This Candle Smell Like What It Says It Smells Like?But does it really?
  6. ye olde vagine
    Anyway, Here’s Some 700-Year-Old Erotica Featuring a Talking Vagina“The Rose Thorn,” an old-timey sex poem about a woman’s debate with her own vagina, is actually 200 years older than we thought.
  7. um
    Oh God, a Woman Found a Dead Tortoise in Her VaginaGreat, another thing to worry about.
  8. euphemisms
    Teacher Fired for Saying Vagina in ClassIt was in the context of an art lesson about Georgia O’Keeffe.
  9. itchy vagina
    Amy Schumer Said Her Vagina Itched on the Golden Globes Red CarpetAmy Schumer said “vagina.”
  10. advice
    Why Is My Bikini Line So Itchy?Can’t. Stop. Scratching. 
  11. endorsements
    Gwyneth Paltrow Endorses Naomi Wolf’s VaginaBook club.
  12. crimes of passion
    Cormac McCarthy’s Ex-Wife and the Vagina HolsterThis is just the most insane story of all time.
  13. naomi wolf
    Vagina Censored by AppleSiri, why does the iTunes store keep f*cking doing this? 
  14. magical genitals
    In Defense of Naomi Wolf’s Vagina (and Jon Hamm’s Penis)This week in magical genitalia.