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  1. music
    Celebrate Your WAP Today#Supportwomen.
  2. ye olde vagine
    Anyway, Here’s Some 700-Year-Old Erotica Featuring a Talking Vagina“The Rose Thorn,” an old-timey sex poem about a woman’s debate with her own vagina, is actually 200 years older than we thought.
  3. science of us
    Gynecologists Are Mad About the Safety Warning on Vaginal LasersSome are arguing that the FDA’s definition of “vaginal rejuvenation,” which includes treatment for pelvic pain, is too broad.
  4. science of us
    The FDA Says Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures Aren’t SafeLaser-based procedures can do more harm than good.
  5. niche drama
    This Correction in a NY Times Article About Vagina Selfies Is Really SomethingSome truly wild drama unfolds.
  6. pussy bows
    Janelle Monáe Is Thinking About Selling Those Incredible ‘Vagina Pants’So you can pretend you’re in the “Pynk” music video.
  7. childbearing
    My Appointment With a Vaginapractor Moved Me to TearsAs a new mom, I finally felt seen.
  8. how artsy
    Who Wants to Take a Selfie With This Light-Up Vagina?The giant neon vagina is on display at Art Basel.
  9. party chat
    Vaginal Tightening Is Apparently a Hot Trend on the Upper East SideAccording to Odd Mom Out creator-writer Jill Kargman.
  10. bad ideas
    Gynecologist Warns Not to Put Ground-Up Wasps’ Nests in Your VaginaDuly noted.
  11. bad ideas
    10 Alternatives to Goop’s Sold-out Vaginal Jade EggsThe resale market is probably booming.
  12. am i dying
    Why Does It Hurt Every Time I Have Sex?No, it’s not supposed to feel that way.
  13. lawsuits
    Can Baby Powder Cause Cancer? A Woman Just Won a $70M Lawsuit Saying YesThe plaintiff argued that she developed ovarian cancer after using the company’s baby powder for 45 years.
  14. rise of the machines
    Would You Let This Terrifying Robot Be Your Gynecologist?The robot “gynecologist” performs noninvasive surgeries.
  15. feminine hygiene
    Lo Bosworth Wants to Solve Your Vagina ProblemsThe former Laguna Beach star tells us about her new line of feminine hygiene products, which are scientifically questionable.
  16. am i dying
    I Accidentally Had Two Tampons In. What Should I Do?Step one: deep breaths.
  17. euphemisms
    All the Ways to Illustrate a Story About Vaginas34 options that span the entire plant and animal kingdom.
  18. vaginas
    Researchers Are Testing a Vaccine for Toxic Shock SyndromeThey’re already moving on to the second phase of clinical trials.
  19. For Japanese Artist Rokudenashiko, Vaginas Aren’t Obscene, They’re ArtFree the manko!
  20. relatable
    Jennifer Lawrence Just Punching People in the Vagina Now Now that’s quirky.
  21. vaginas
    Johnson & Johnson Loses Another Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit Over Its Baby PowderThe jury awarded $55 million to a South Dakota woman with ovarian cancer.
  22. things men do not have to deal with
    Yeast-Infection Meds Could Lead to MiscarriageOf course, treating a women’s-health problem causes another health problem for women.
  23. our casual dysmorphia
    More and More Teen Girls Want to Get Plastic Surgery on Their LabiaEnough teen girls are requesting cosmetic surgery on their labia that a leading gynecologic group felt the need to step in.
  24. nethers
    How Vagina Shame Led to These Incredibly Sad Cancer LawsuitsMarketing campaigns implied that women were unclean.
  25. in the weeds
    Here’s Another Way to Consume MarijuanaJust going to be straightforward here: It’s through your vagina.
  26. if you’re reading this it’s not too late
    PSA: Don’t Keep Herbs in Your Chamber of SecretsYour vagina does not need a three-day detox.
  27. evolution
    Why Is No One Interested in Vagina Size?Maybe the birth canal just isn’t sexy enough for researchers or the internet.
  28. magic
    Jessica Biel Knows That Vaginas Are Magical ThingsShe’s into vibrators, too.
  29. am i dying
    Why Am I Getting So Many Yeast Infections?Maybe they’re not really yeasters after all.
  30. q&a
    She Had a Cat Hair Ball in Her Vagina — or Did She?We caught up with the xoJane essayist. “Now I wish I’d taken a picture of it,” she said.
  31. bloody mess
    Toxic Shock Syndrome: It’s Not Just About Tampons Vice reports that a woman lost part of her leg from tampon-induced gangrene.
  32. quotables
    Lena Dunham’s Co-workers Can Draw Her CervixLiberal nudity policies on the set of Girls.
  33. video
    Watch a Piece of Vagina Performance Art at Fashion WeekA highlight reel from Tracee Ellis Ross’s performance at Rachel Comey’s show.
  34. vaginas
    A Start-up Wants Your Vagina to Smell of PeachesBonus: a ranking of potential semen flavors.
  35. exchange rates
    Italian Dating Is a Lot Like Italian SwearingIt’s all about dicks.
  36. ovaries week
    Why Is It So Hard to Find a Good Word for Your Vagina?From vajayjay to lady-bits
  37. ovaries week
    Blood Hounds: They’re Obsessed With Period Sex“A real man goes down on you on your period. And loves it.”
  38. grooming
    The Full-Bush Brazilian: ‘Having It All’ With PubesHippie in the front, porn star in the back.
  39. sex toy innovations
    New Vibrator Promises ‘Third-Level Orgasm’: Too Scary to Use?What do you see when you look at this sex toy?
  40. sex education
    All the Ways to Say Vagina and PenisA brief history of slang terms for genitalia.
  41. quotables
    Amanda Seyfried Loves Talking About VaginasSo much, she got it tattooed on her.
  42. pinterestingly enough
    Schick Introduces Pinterest Boards Inspired by Pubic Hair“Prune for June” takes Pinspiration to an intimate place.
  43. g-oops!
    Gwyneth Paltrow’s Met Gala Smack Talk: Pros vs. Cons“Do you want me to be honest? It sucked.”
  44. vagina monologues
    N.H. Lawmaker Defends Vaginas’ Right to Bear ArmsWhat, your vagina can’t operate a firearm?
  45. vaginas
    Rihanna Grabbing Her Crotch: An AnalysisShe has five crotch-grabbing techniques.
  46. longreads
    Weekend Reading: 9 Great Articles About VaginasLose yourself in these articles. Just don’t lose them in yourself.
  47. genital tales
    Women Losing Objects in Their Vaginas, Part IILet us bear witness.
  48. body horror
    Women Losing Objects in Their Vaginas: An Online Literature Review They often blog about it.
  49. our bodies our selfies
    Our Bodies, Our Selfies: Can Showing Your Labia Make You Feel ‘Normal’?The Large Labia Project and body image in the age of Internet porn.
  50. video
    Gay Dudes Say the Darndest Things About Vaginas“I wouldn’t say that I’m scared of vaginas … “
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