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Valentine's Day

  1. let's makeup
    A Lipstick That Looks and Smells BeautifulIntroducing perfumed lipsticks.
  2. mating rituals
    What Did Mike Pence Buy Mother at CVS for Valentine’s Day?The vice-president was spotted entering a CVS near the White House this afternoon.
  3. true love
    Is Kanye West’s Valentine’s Day Card ‘Minimalist’ or Just Lazy?Maybe it’s both!
  4. valentine's day
    A Couple Proposes to Each Other at the Same Time During Game of PictionarySome nice Valentine’s Day news.
  5. hot shot
    Norway’s Curling Team Celebrates Valentine’s Day With Heart-Themed PantsCurling, the most romantic sport.
  6. the royals
    Meghan Markle Has Some Advice for Valentine’s DayBe your own Valentine now, and maybe someday you’ll marry a prince.
  7. holidays
    Just a Reminder That Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday Are on the Same DayIt’s all happening!
  8. shopping
    The Procrastinator’s Guide to Valentine’s Day GiftsAll the best ideas in one place.
  9. now smell this
    10 People on What Love Smells Like to ThemWhat does a wedding, first date, and big romantic gesture smell like?
  10. modern romance
    The Ultimate Guide to Fancy Valentine’s Day Gifts for HerWhen you’re ready to drop some cash.
  11. modern romance
    19 Valentine’s Day Gifts to Buy on EtsyFrom a handmade cutting board to a nameplate necklace.
  12. royal love
    Here’s How Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Are Celebrating Valentine’s DayThey’ll be having a very work-related time.
  13. l'amour
    Another Reason to Be Thankful You’re Not Married to Donald Trump Jr.Ugh.
  14. surprise!
    This Valentine’s Day, Give a RoachIt’s the perfect gift for the Valentine-ambivalent.
  15. dirtbag fashion
    Doing Valentine’s Day the Dirtbag WayWho needs fancy dinner when there are free e-books and bread?
  16. Two Students in Michigan Were Reportedly Given a Horrible Anti-Semitic ValentineThe card contained an image of Adolf Hitler.
  17. the doctor is in
    Wendy Williams Is Here to Solve Your Relationship ProblemsFrom long-distance relationships to getting back into dating, Wendy gives our readers her best love advice.
  18. love don't cost a thing
    20 Fun, Cheap Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Under $20Because all you have is that Andrew Jackson in your wallet.
  19. unwifeable
    The 48 Laws of Valentine’s Day PowerJust print this out and give it to your partner.
  20. lunchtime buy
    This V Day Candle Smells So Good Even the Office Fire Warden Will Like ItJust keep a candle snuffer nearby.
  21. l'amour
    Goop Would Like You to Buy a $370 Gold Butt for Valentine’s DayA moment of appreciation for the Goop Valentine’s Day gift guide.
  22. Here’s How You Can Spend Valentine’s Day With Idris ElbaSign me up.
  23. true love
    Romantic Boyfriend Makes Chicken-Nugget BouquetAh, true love.
  24. i wanna know what love is
    Why You Should Keep That Tattoo of Your ExScott Campbell’s views on love and breakups. 
  25. dude gifts
    18 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your GuyJust what he wanted.
  26. valentine's day
    11 Real Valentine’s Day Horror StoriesSex, lies, and a blow job that ends at the ER.
  27. misplaced celebratory gestures
    Men Spend an Average of $7 on Their Pets’ Valentine’s GiftsWho are you whimsical weirdos? 
  28. ooh la la
    20 Sexy, Chic Pieces of Lingerie to Up Your GameFrom boy shorts to bodysuits. 
  29. capsule wardrobes
    JCPenney Has All of Your Fifty Shades Needs CoveredSurprise: It involves lots of gray.
  30. celebrate
    9 Valentine’s Day Activities Way Worse Than Being SingleAt least you aren’t shelling out big bucks for fermented celeriac.
  31. give and receive
    Our Chic, Naughty Valentine’s Day Gift GuideFeathers, leathers, Dior, and more.
  32. who pun the world
    I Am Pasta Fierce: A Beyoncé-Themed Valentine’s Day MenuDiva is a female version of a Brusstla. 
  33. gift guide 2014
    A Chic, Tasteful Guide to Valentine’s Day Lingerie As racy as elegant gets.
  34. romance
    Justin Bieber’s Got a Cute (Court) Date Planned for Valentine’s DayDoes he need a date for his court date?
  35. breakups
    Tory Burch and Lyor Cohen Reportedly Broke UpAw.
  36. valentine's day
    GIF Bag: A Kiss From Karlie KlossHappy Valentine’s Day!
  37. valentine's day
    Bill Cunningham’s Big Gay HeartA former colleague on Cunningham’s valentines to gay men—and gay history.
  38. bad romance
    9 Valentine’s Day Activities Worse Than Being AloneWe’ll take freedom and a Netflix log-in any day.
  39. fashion crush
    Fashion Week Valentines: Crushing at the Cut’s Party“I love him for his mind.”
  40. happy valentine's day
    The Sex-Proof Face: How to Apply Makeup TonightProfessional tips from a makeup artist in the adult-film industry.
  41. best bets
    Best Bet: Erin Fetherston ‘Lipstick Kiss’ PouchTreat yo’ self.
  42. valentine's day
    Live Every Day Like It’s Galentine’s DaySend these #RealTalk Valentines to your BFFs.
  43. date night
    Looking for a Valentine’s Date Dress? Try ThisSilk fringe is chic and a little racy.
  44. best bets
    Best Bet: Odette Cuff and MCMC Fragrance Set Valentine’s Day is just a week away.
  45. just browsing
    To Consider: Prada Saffiano Two-Tone Pouchette The perfect pouch for V-Day and fashion month.
  46. video
    Watch: Girls of Park Slope Friend-Zone Their Valentines“Girls” as in children, not twentysomethings.
  47. Eleven Lush Lingerie Looks to Take Into the BedroomJust as fun to put on as they are to slip off.
  48. Best Bet: Three Jane’s Gold Map BraceletOrder now, then win at Valentine’s Day.
  49. meet your needs
    The Sharp, Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift GuideNo flowers, chocolates, or lingerie allowed.
  50. gift guide
    Meet the World’s Laziest Valentine’s Day GiftTakes the DIY out of the romantic IOU game.
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