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  1. vanderpump rules
    This Week, Vanderpump Rules Was 100 Percent ScreamingFinally, the reveal of “BAMBI-EYED B*TCH!”
  2. vanderpump rules
    Lady Gaga Went to SUR and Tom Tom!The Oscar-winner reportedly spent the night out with Lisa Vanderpump.
  3. when worlds collide
    Why Is Jax Taylor Hanging Out With Dean From Gilmore Girls?Two of television’s most notorious villains — together.
  4. scams
    At Last, Jax Taylor Weighs in on the College Cheating Scam“Oh wow.”
  5. vanderpump rules
    On Vanderpump Rules, Everyone Gets Emotionally Triggered“Reptilian brain” is the new “sweat equity.”
  6. vanderpump rules
    Lisa Hired a Mixology Expert on Vanderpump Rules, Oh No!Plus, Lala and Randall are on a break.
  7. vanderpump woods
    Did Jordyn Woods Apply for a Job at SUR?And what will her role be in the updated Vanderpump Rules credit sequence?
  8. vanderpump rules
    Can the Vanderpump Guys Be Near Women Without Cheating?The boys test their relationships on this week’s Vanderpump Rules.
  9. vanderpump rules
    It’s Girls Trip Time on Vanderpump RulesJax, Brittany, and James are in therapy, and “Crazy Kristen” emerges on a trip to Solvang.
  10. vanderpump rules
    Tom Tom Throws a Party and Lisa Gets Drunk on Vanderpump RulesAnd Kristen’s not invited!
  11. vanderpump rules
    Tom Sandoval, Shut Your Mouth!The boys discuss Lala and Ariana’s sex lives in detail on the newest episode of Vanderpump Rules.
  12. vanderpump rules
    It’s ‘Girls Night In’ on Vanderpump Rules, UnfortunatelyPlus: the return of Tom Sandoval’s trumpet.
  13. vanderpump rules
    This Was the Most Excruciating Vanderpump Rules Episode YetThe return of the dreaded staff meeting, plus a visit from Stassi’s mom.
  14. vanderpump rules
    Are Our Vanderpump Friends Truly Learning … and Growing?I hope so (but also I hope not).
  15. vanderpump tweets
    Unpacking the Current Vanderpump Rules Twitter DramaJames Kennedy said WHAT about Jax’s dad?
  16. nightmare in the sky
    Vanderpump Rules Star Victim of Airline Gum AttackHasn’t Brittany Cartwright suffered enough?
  17. vanderpump rules
    Jax and Brittany Are Still Making Beer CheeseAlso on this week’s Vanderpump Rules, some trouble for James Kennedy.
  18. vanderpump rules
    Even Jax Knows James Has to Be Less EvilOn this week’s Vanderpump Rules, the gang struggles with its square pegs.
  19. vanderpump rules
    How to Resolve Conflict, According to Vanderpump RulesThe Toms explain how not to be consumed by festering resentment when you are constantly surrounded by people who have egregiously wronged you.
  20. vanderpump rules
    It’s Pride Day on Vanderpump Rules, and Everybody’s FightingBut James has a washer and dryer in his apartment now, which is nice.
  21. vanderpump rules
    The Toms Were Supposed to Create the Cocktails — NOT PandoraThe season premiere of Vanderpump Rules also featured Jax and Brittany’s engagement, unfortunately.
  22. vanderpump rules
    A Quick Drama Refresh to Prepare for Vanderpump Rules Season 7Let’s get prepared before Monday’s premiere.
  23. vanderpump rooms
    Oh No, Jax and Tom Schwartz Want to Have Babies SimultaneouslyWe long knew this day would come, but we were hoping it wouldn’t be so soon.
  24. vanderpump does rule
    There’s a New Vanderpump Rules Season 7 Trailer, Thank GodWe’re on the brim of freaking out.
  25. engagements
    Lala Kent of Vanderpump Rules Got Engaged to Randall EmmettShe said “yes” in Mexico.
  26. reality tv
    Jax From Vanderpump Rules Negs Kourtney Kardashian’s Ex at the GymThe most ambitious crossover event in history.
  27. sweat equity
    The Tumultuous Road to the New Vanderpump Rules Bar Tom Tom: A TimelineEverything you need to know about the new Vanderpump bar.
  28. t.i.please no
    As We Should Have Predicted, Infowars and Vanderpump Rules Have ConvergedAs the Book of Revelation foretold.
  29. beauty is terror
    Casting a Hypothetical The Secret History Movie(Exclusively with Vanderpump Rules cast members.)
  30. oh my god it's tom tom
    At Long Last, a Look Inside Tom Tom, Lisa Vanderpump’s New BarThe doors finally opened for Jax Taylor’s birthday.
  31. exciting remixes for summertime
    James Kennedy Remixed Countess Luann’s ‘Money Can’t Buy You Class’And you simply must hear it.
  32. vervetpump rules
    Stassi Schroeder Just Gave Birth to Jax Taylor at the Columbus ZooThey’re monkeys!
  33. brittany noooooooooooooo
    Oh No, Jax and Brittany Are EngagedThe moment we’ve been dreading has arrived.
  34. science of us
    Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Get Your Sex-Ed From Vanderpump RulesLala … please.
  35. science of us
    A Psychologist Explains Why the Vanderpump Rules Cast Is So AppealingIt’s not about the pasta.
  36. farewell season six
    The 43 Best Moments From Season 6 of Vanderpump RulesBefore tonight’s Vanderpump Rules season finale, come remember all of this season’s best moments.
  37. We Finally Know When ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Bar TomTom Is OpeningTom Sandoval claims the bar’s grand opening is imminent.
  38. it's not about the bubba
    Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent on What the Deal Is With Her Baby BottleDoes it really help anxiety? Did James and Kristen really hook up?
  39. get pumped
    Finally, a Vanderpump Rules–Inspired Lipstick ExistsThe color is a “spicy peach nude.”
  40. television
    Wait — Vanderpump Rules Was Only in Playa del Carmen for 4 Days?!This show is incredible in ways the mind can’t even comprehend.
  41. drama
    Lala Kent Is Angry J.Law Called Her a Very Bad Word on TV“Let’s leave the trash to people like me who do reality TV.”
  42. for whom the vander pumps
    Wow, These People Are Extremely Mad About PastaExamining a short, mesmerizing clip from Vanderpump Rules.
  43. vanderpump rules
    Stassi Schroeder on Her Sexual-Harassment Podcast DisasterWe talked to Schroeder about #MeToo, Vanderpump Rules, and uh, Charles Manson.
  44. you know what i heard
    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Are ‘As Good As Engaged’!And more in this week’s celebrity gossip column.
  45. profile
    Lisa Vanderpump Is the Royalty America CravesHow one Real Housewife rules the franchise.
  46. for whom the vander pumps
    It’s Finally Katie and Tom’s Big Wedding Episode on Vanderpump RulesKatie and Tom finally tie the knot, but things take a dark turn for Scheana and Shay.
  47. for whom the vander pumps
    On Vanderpump Rules, Tom and Katie Still Haven’t Tied the KnotCan we please just get this over with?
  48. for whom the vander pumps
    We Finally Find Out How Much Tom and Katie’s Insane Wedding CostsKatie and Tom’s wedding is not cheap.
  49. for whom the vander pumps
    The Horror of Tom and Katie’s Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties Comes to an EndIt’s finally time to leave New Orleans.
  50. for whom the vander pumps
    We Finally Get to the Root of Katie and Tom’s Problems on Vanderpump RulesWhat they’ve really been fighting about all along.
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