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  1. t.i.please no
    As We Should Have Predicted, Infowars and Vanderpump Rules Have ConvergedAs the Book of Revelation foretold.
  2. beauty is terror
    Casting a Hypothetical The Secret History Movie(Exclusively with Vanderpump Rules cast members.)
  3. oh my god it's tom tom
    At Long Last, a Look Inside Tom Tom, Lisa Vanderpump’s New BarThe doors finally opened for Jax Taylor’s birthday.
  4. exciting remixes for summertime
    James Kennedy Remixed Countess Luann’s ‘Money Can’t Buy You Class’And you simply must hear it.
  5. vervetpump rules
    Stassi Schroeder Just Gave Birth to Jax Taylor at the Columbus ZooThey’re monkeys!
  6. brittany noooooooooooooo
    Oh No, Jax and Brittany Are EngagedThe moment we’ve been dreading has arrived.
  7. science of us
    Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Get Your Sex-Ed From Vanderpump RulesLala … please.
  8. science of us
    A Psychologist Explains Why the Vanderpump Rules Cast Is So AppealingIt’s not about the pasta.
  9. farewell season six
    The 43 Best Moments From Season 6 of Vanderpump RulesBefore tonight’s Vanderpump Rules season finale, come remember all of this season’s best moments.
  10. We Finally Know When ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Bar TomTom Is OpeningTom Sandoval claims the bar’s grand opening is imminent.
  11. it's not about the bubba
    Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent on What the Deal Is With Her Baby BottleDoes it really help anxiety? Did James and Kristen really hook up?
  12. get pumped
    Finally, a Vanderpump Rules–Inspired Lipstick ExistsThe color is a “spicy peach nude.”
  13. television
    Wait — Vanderpump Rules Was Only in Playa del Carmen for 4 Days?!This show is incredible in ways the mind can’t even comprehend.
  14. drama
    Lala Kent Is Angry J.Law Called Her a Very Bad Word on TV“Let’s leave the trash to people like me who do reality TV.”
  15. for whom the vander pumps
    Wow, These People Are Extremely Mad About PastaExamining a short, mesmerizing clip from Vanderpump Rules.
  16. vanderpump rules
    Stassi Schroeder on Her Sexual-Harassment Podcast DisasterWe talked to Schroeder about #MeToo, Vanderpump Rules, and uh, Charles Manson.
  17. you know what i heard
    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Are ‘As Good As Engaged’!And more in this week’s celebrity gossip column.
  18. profile
    Lisa Vanderpump Is the Royalty America CravesHow one Real Housewife rules the franchise.
  19. for whom the vander pumps
    It’s Finally Katie and Tom’s Big Wedding Episode on Vanderpump RulesKatie and Tom finally tie the knot, but things take a dark turn for Scheana and Shay.
  20. for whom the vander pumps
    On Vanderpump Rules, Tom and Katie Still Haven’t Tied the KnotCan we please just get this over with?
  21. for whom the vander pumps
    We Finally Find Out How Much Tom and Katie’s Insane Wedding CostsKatie and Tom’s wedding is not cheap.
  22. for whom the vander pumps
    The Horror of Tom and Katie’s Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties Comes to an EndIt’s finally time to leave New Orleans.
  23. for whom the vander pumps
    We Finally Get to the Root of Katie and Tom’s Problems on Vanderpump RulesWhat they’ve really been fighting about all along.
  24. for whom the vander pumps
    Katie and Tom’s Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties Get Off to a Rocky StartIt’s a party and they’ll cry if they want to.
  25. for whom the vander pumps
    On Vanderpump Rules, Katie’s Wedding Tyranny ContinuesExactly zero of Katie’s wedding-related events have not included a fight.
  26. for whom the vander pumps
    James Kennedy’s DJ Set Is an Even Bigger Mess Than We Could’ve ImaginedJax, Kristen, Scheana, and friends just can’t help themselves from ruining James’s DJ set.
  27. scientology
    Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Taylor Says He Once Was a Scientology ModelThe SUR bartender reveals his link to the Church of Scientology.
  28. for whom the vander pumps
    On Vanderpump Rules, Jax’s Roast Should’ve Lasted All EpisodeWatching Jax Taylor get insulted on camera is satisfying.
  29. for whom the vander pumps
    The Vanderpump Rules With Kristen’s Comedy ShowThe cast of Vanderpump Rules is never funnier than when they’re not trying to be funny.
  30. for whom the vander pumps
    A Tale of Two Vanderpump Rules Birthday Trips: Part TwoTwo birthday trips, two episodes, and a two-hour long special.
  31. for whom the vander pumps
    A Tale of Two Birthday Trips on Vanderpump RulesIt’s Ariana’s birthday in Sonoma versus Stassi’s birthday in Montauk.
  32. for whom the vander pumps
    This Vanderpump Rules Episode Was Full of MomsA little motherly advice this week.
  33. for whom the vander pumps
    Stassi Is Back in Full Force in the Latest Episode of Vanderpump RulesMeet the new Stassi, same as the old Stassi.
  34. for whom the vander pumps
    Lisa’s Pride Celebrations Go OnEven in the wake of tragedy.
  35. Kristen Doute on Slut-Shaming, Adderall, and Doing Vanderpump Rules ForeverDrinking Pinot Grigio with everyone’s favorite Vanderpump Rules star.
  36. for whom the vander pumps
    Will Lala and James Turn Against Each Other?It was bound to happen eventually.
  37. Vanderpump Rules Stars Scheana Marie Shay and Mike Shay Are Getting DivorcedThey plan to stay friends.
  38. for whom the vander pumps
    In Vanderpump Rules, Katie and Tom Schwartz’s Relationship Hits a Rough PatchA recap of season 5, episode 4 of Vanderpump Rules.
  39. pussy posse
    Is Leo DiCaprio Still the No. 1 Guy in This Group?Drama.
  40. for whom the vander pumps
    Scheana’s Heading for Hot Water in the Latest Episode of Vanderpump RulesNo friend of Lala’s is a friend of Katie’s.
  41. for whom the vander pumps
    In the Vanderpump Rules Universe, World Dog Day Is the Biggest ConcernIn the second episode of the season, the cast helps with World Dog Day, while Jax keeps arguing with Brittany over a rumor he started about her.
  42. for whom the vander pumps
    Jax Spread a Rumor About His Own Girlfriend on New Episode of Vanderpump RulesTears and thrown drinks at the OK! Magazine party, because the more things change, the more they stay the same.
  43. Vanderpump Rules Star Mike Shay Reportedly ‘Disappeared’TMZ reports “disappeared” with wife Scheana’s money last week.
  44. drama
    Watch the First Footage From Vanderpump Rules Season 5Season five arrives on November 7.
  45. male feminists
    Jax Taylor From Vanderpump Rules Has Been Reborn As a Male FeministPass me a Pump-Tini, stat.
  46. sexy unique restaurant
    Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana Sued for Smoking WeedIs anyone surprised?