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  1. for richer or pore-r
    Rick Ross and His Beard Are Launching a Beauty LineFeaturing hemp, caviar, and Champagne.
  2. self reflection
    I Am a Prisoner of My Own VanityOur culture places such a premium on attractiveness that I feel I can be forgiven for trying to preserve what I have left of mine.
  3. vanity
    The Trump Administration Has Reportedly Messed With D.C.’s Plastic-Surgery PlansCongress has had to reschedule their nips and tucks.
  4. vanity
    These Birds Just Want to Be Hot and Wear MakeupIs that too much to ask?
  5. vanity
    Teen on the Run From Police Asks Them to Post a More Flattering Photo of HerAmy Sharp has her priorities straight.
  6. cut chat room
    Lie to Us, Skinny MirrorThe Cut debates the pros and cons of the skinny mirror.
  7. r.i.p.
    19 Famous Women on the Power of PrinceAs a friend, mentor, and inspiration.
  8. look of the day
    The Kardashians Just Wear Each Other’s Pictures NowAs seen on Kourtney.
  9. you’re so vain
    19 Vanity iPhone Cases for Serious AdultsSerious adults who love unicorns, teddy bears, and Chanel nail polish, that is. 
  10. treat yourself
    30 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom VanityOrder the disorder.
  11. ayo technology
    This High-Tech Mirror Will Point Out All Your FlawsUnless you are Beyoncé, naturally.
  12. social psychology
    Why Major League Pitchers Won’t Wear This Weird HatEven though it’ll (probably) protect their brains!
  13. vanity’s unfair
    On the West Coast, Men Are Nearly As Vain As WomenWho pays what for a haircut.
  14. vanity projects
    Ugly Is the New Pretty: How Unattractive Selfies Took Over the Internet“It puts personality back into a superficial practice of self-documentation,” says one participant.