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Vape Life

  1. vape life
    An Ode to Sophie Turner’s Beloved JuulDoes she ever put it down?
  2. vape life
    Juul Is Under Investigation for Its Teen-Focused MarketingThe company says its product isn’t for kids, but kids sure do like it.
  3. science of us
    Apparently Bots Love VapingFigures they would.
  4. vape life
    New York Teens Created the Biggest Vape Trend (and Now They’re Over It)The rise and fall of the Juul.
  5. vape life
    Ivanka Trump’s Very Serious Science Photo Op Involved Vape JuiceShe’s concentrating so hard at doing science!
  6. vape life
    Gaze Into the Abyss and You’ll Find This Clip of Sean Hannity VapingBleak.
  7. the teens
    Teens Are Vaping Themselves Into Nicotine AddictionThe ‘90s are back — but this time, with vapes.
  8. the vape-pocalypse
    Vape Explodes in Man’s Pocket, Which Is What Happens When You VapeThe dark side of e-cigs, exposed.
  9. champagne wishes and vaporized dreams
    Of Course Leo VapesAnd of course he vapes in style.
  10. vape life
    Opening Ceremony Wants You to Get Stoned in Style A new accessory for the fashion stoner.
  11. Vape Life Hits New York Men’s Fashion Week Richard Chai gave fashion-show attendees Pax vaporizers. 
  12. vape life
    Bryan Boy Is Not Amused by Vaping at Fashion WeekHe’ll subtweet you.
  13. vape life
    Sarah Silverman Whipped Out a Vape Pen on the Red CarpetShowing off the hottest new accessory.