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Vaping Crisis

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    Juul Allegedly Bought Ads on NickelodeonThe vaping company is accused of intentionally targeting children.
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    Teen Vaping Doubled Since Last YearTeen drinking and hard-drug use continues to fall, but teen vaping (both cannabis and nicotine) is on the rise.
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    What Is a Vaping App, Anyway?Apple removed nearly 200 of them from the App Store this morning.
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    Lawsuit Alleges Juul Sold One Million Contaminated PodsThe charges were brought by a former vice-president at the company.
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    Kids as Young as 13 Have Been Getting Vaping IllnessThe youngest person to have died so far was 17.
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    The Horror Stories From the Vaping Crisis Are Getting WorseA new study says that patients with vaping-related illnesses have lungs like the victims of mustard gas.