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  1. profile
    Veep’s Secret WeaponSarah Sutherland is the most serious actor in comedy.
  2. political comedy
    Veep Had to Pull This Joke Because Trump Is Ruining ComedyNothing is sacred.
  3. cut tv club
    10 TV Shows We’re Watching Right NowWelcome to the first installment of the Cut TV club.
  4. tv
    Thank God for Selina Meyer’s Unapologetic 50-Something Sex DriveThank god for Selina Meyer’s unapologetic sex drive on Veep.
  5. gratuitous male objectification
    All Hail Veep, TV’s Premier Silver-Fox DestinationWe missed you, John Slattery.
  6. Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Veep Isn’t a ParodyWe’d have to agree.
  7. speculation nation
    Hillary Clinton May Poach Veep’s Makeup ArtistYet another setback for Selina Meyer.
  8. politics
    Mansplaining Paul Ryan Meme Came TrueHis demonstrated understanding of the term “fighting season” was very impressive.
  9. fugging it up
    Fug Girls: Anna Chlumsky Has Tennis Anxiety at Christian SirianoShe was worried about the US Open.
  10. quotables
    Louis-Dreyfus Didn’t Want to Look Like Palin“Julia loves Michelle Obama.”