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Versace For H&m

  1. donatella
    Versace Actually Made Money Last Year!Thanks, H&M!
  2. donatella
    H&M’s Versace Cruise Collection Is Now Available Worldwide on eBayReally, what took people so long?
  3. collaboration station
    Cruise the New Versace for H&M CollectionThe new line comes out next month — in Europe.
  4. loose threads
    Vogue’s Holiday Party; Europe’s Dismal Christmas Shopping SeasonPlus, Bruce Weber shot Dree Hemingway (and a baby) for the new cover of Spanish Vogue.
  5. donatella
    Versace’s Second H&M Collection Shrouded in MysteryA WWD story that disappeared this morning said it would come out in January.
  6. occupy h&m
    A Video Diary From the Eighth Person in Line for the Versace for H&M CollectionHe kept being mistaken for an Occupy Wall Street protestor.
  7. donatella
    A Spring 2012 Versace for H&M Line Is HappeningThis time with cutesy fruit prints.
  8. occupy h&m
    What Do Versace for H&M eBay Listings Say About the General Populace?That we’re desperate for money? Greedy? Both?
  9. beauty marks
    Rihanna’s ‘Rebelle’ Ads; Snooki’s Cat Litter Plus, Jessica Alba treated her daughter to a mani–pedi date.
  10. donatella
    People Are Already Waiting in Line to Buy Versace for H&MFor one couple, this is their wedding anniversary celebration.
  11. donatella
    Versace Frenzy Crashes H&M’s WebsiteImagine that!
  12. donatella
    Versace for H&M’s London Madness: A First-Person AccountBritish people like to wait in line for bright, shiny things.
  13. donatella
    Fights Broke Out Among Frenzied Chinese Shoppers in Line for Versace for H&M Many had been waiting since noon the day before.
  14. backlash
    Versace Rejects ‘Real Women’ for H&M Line Shoot“Donatella will likely not approve shooting the collection on real women,” a publicist told them.
  15. loose threads
    Dolce & Gabbana on Madonna’s Clothing Line; Pippa Middleton Is a Single LadyAlso, Versace’s H&M line is in ‘Rodeo’ magazine.
  16. collaboration station
    Pieces from the Versace for H&M Line Have Already Popped Up on eBaySome even come with one-day shipping options.
  17. fake&m
    Chinese Website Selling (Fake) Versace for H&MThe e-tailer promises authenticity — but we know better!
  18. donatella
    Versace for H&M to Descend on New York Tonight in Fashion Show FormPier 57 will become ‘Versace for H&M Hall on the Hudson’, because it wouldn’t do to just call it Pier 57.
  19. collaboration station
    H&M’s Next Collaboration Will Be Dragon Tattoo–ThemedIt’ll include clothes that look “worn down” and “dirty.”
  20. donatella
    Watch Lindsey Wixson Walk on a Giant Versace-Branded Hamster WheelIt’s part of the forthcoming Versace for H&M ad.
  21. donatella
    See the Entire Versace for H&M Collection, Including Pillows, Furry Vests, Studded Jewelry, and MoreThere’s lots of palm tree prints, hot pink, and gold-tipped lapels.
  22. donatella
    More Versace for H&M Ads Are OutThere’s some new photos of the menswear, too.
  23. donatella
    See Men’s Looks From the Versace for H&M LineThe future of this line looks very … bright.