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  1. oui oui ri ri
    Watch Rihanna Strut in a Dark, Empty CastleIn Dior, obviously.
  2. l’etat c’est rih
    Rihanna Will Cavort at Versailles for a Dior CampaignTiptoeing through the tulips.
  3. hurry up with my damn croissants
    Kimye Toured Versailles Under Cover of DarknessWelcome back, rumors of Kimye’s Versailles nuptials. 
  4. boulevard of broken dreams
    Kim and Kanye Will Not Have Their Tasteful Wedding at VersaillesThe rumors get the guillotine.
  5. diversity issues
    The First Black Supermodel, Whom History ForgotDonyale Luna was both before her time and gone too soon.
  6. cult of personality
    If You Want to Get Karl Lagerfeld’s Attention, Wear ChanelHe just might compliment you. And (gasp) give you things.
  7. loose threads
    Christina Aguilera Launches Fragrance; Mario Testino Explains DeynChristina Aguilera’s new fragrance was inspired by Andy Warhol and Tokyo, Mario Testino explains why he dropped Deyn from Burberry, and more!