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  1. extremely online
    It’s ‘Hot-Girl Walk’ SeasonTikTok’s least intimidating workout obsession isn’t really about working out at all.
  2. extremely online
    I Tried ‘Dirty Soda,’ TikTok’s New Favorite DrinkJoin me on this journey of Diet Coke, milk, and … Olivia Rodrigo?
  3. ahoy
    Another Big Boat Was Stuck for a Month and No One Told Me?The Evergreen container ship was stuck for an entire month. Did you even hear her cries for help?
  4. obsessions
    I Can’t Shut Up About Jack Harlow DancingYes, okay, I finally understand the hype.
  5. horny police
    This New Emoji Is Flirting With MeWho is she?
  6. very online
    Here’s What a Metaverse Rave Is Like, I GuessIn fairness, I couldn’t figure out how to make my avatar dance either.
  7. milk!!!
    How Much Milk Is Too Much Milk?Is it 12 gallons?
  8. very online
    Everything Is a Red Flag NowWhich is why red flag emoji have taken over your social feeds.
  9. very online
    This Scientist Twitter Drama Is WildMeTooStem founder BethAnn McLaughlin admitted to inventing a colleague and saying she’d died of COVID-19.
  10. very online
    Everything Is Cake NowA viral video showing people cutting into household items to reveal they are in fact cake has many people questioning their grip on reality.