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Victim Blaming

  1. victim blaming
    Paris Hilton Bashes Women Who Accused Donald Trump of Sexual AssaultAnd her rebrand was going so well.
  2. awful things
    Brock Turner’s Dad Pens Letter in Son’s DefenseHe calls the assault “20 minutes of action.”
  3. victim-blaming
    Lily Allen Felt ‘Victim Shamed’ by PoliceAllen says she was blamed after speaking up about her harrowing ordeal with a stalker.
  4. victim-blaming
    Not Every Rape Victim Needs to Be Emma SulkowiczWhen we put the burden of speaking out on survivors, we let ourselves off the hook.
  5. quotables
    Elizabeth Smart Speaks Out Against Victim-Blaming In her candid new memoir.
  6. parables
    The Feminist and the Cowboy Author Leaves Abusive CowboyStill grateful he “tamed” her.