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Victoria’s Secret Angels

  1. drama
    Is the Victoria’s Secret Show Going to Be the Next Fyre Festival?Tons of models are reportedly having visa issues.
  2. Victoria’s Secret Model Says Men’s Magazine Published Her Nudes Without ConsentSara Sampaio shared her story on Instagram today.
  3. wellness theories
    Victoria’s Secret Angel Josephine Skriver on Weight Lifting Over Cardio“I’ve gotten to the point where I can squat my own body weight.”
  4. victoria’s secret fashion show
    Kendall Jenner Is a Victoria’s Not-So-Secret AngelShe’s headed to Paris to don those giant wings.
  5. angels in america
    Victoria’s Secret Moves Its Show to ParisHas sparkly bras, will travel.
  6. new faces of things
    Taylor Hill Is Lancôme’s Newest FaceVictoria’s Secret Angel Taylor Hill is Lancôme’s youngest and most Instagram-popular face yet. 
  7. models with wings
    The Best Moments From the Victoria’s Secret Fashion ShowA dazzling array of lace, satin, and womanly goods.
  8. victoria’s secret fashion show 2013
    9 Types of Tweets From the Victoria’s Secret Fashion ShowFrom I will never eat again to I will eat everything, all the time.
  9. icymi
    The Cut’s Week in Review, from Lorde to AnorexiaCatch up on what mattered this week.
  10. sexiest gifs on earth
    5 GIFs From Backstage at Victoria’s SecretIt’s everything you’ve dreamed of and more.
  11. models with wings
    See All the Looks From the Victoria’s Secret Fashion ShowCara as a soccer star! Karlie as a human icicle!
  12. earth angels
    Makeup Macgyver Backstage at Victoria’s SecretLipstick on the nose! Models DIY-contouring!
  13. brief history
    Victoria’s Secret Angels: A Historical PerspectiveOn the occasion of the annual fashion show, we look way, way back.
  14. inspections
    Victoria’s Secret Model Casting Sounds Truly AwfulEven the casting director, Sophia Neophitou, thinks so.
  15. our angelic moment
    One Direction to Sing at Victoria’s Secret Show [Updated]Five Biebers are better than one.
  16. fashion show report
    Sexy, Awkward Tales From the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show CircusThe strangest ladies’ restroom on the planet at the sexiest fashion show on earth.
  17. scantily clad hotties
    Fantasy-Bra Alumnae Don’t Get a Free PassSelita Ebanks still has to audition for the Victoria’s Secret runway show every year. 
  18. Ambrosio’s Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Nursing BraThe model explains what happens when you have a baby, then shoot a holiday lingerie catalog soon after.
  19. scantily clad hotties
    Ambrosio Will Wear VS’s Gazillion-Dollar BraYou know, mixin’ it up a little, like they do.
  20. slash jobs
    Erin Heatherton Shoots First Movie Role, Offers to Bathe Adam SandlerShe plays a cheerleader, of course.