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  1. self
    The Fantasy of HealingWriter Vanessa Angélica Villarreal found life after divorce where she least expected it — as a witcher in a fantasy role-playing video game.
  2. fixations
    I Think About My Painting Goblin in The Sims a LotHe paints and paints and paints, making his Sim family rich. Why can’t he do the same for me?
  3. sure why not
    You Can Try Tatcha’s New Cleanser in ‘Animal Crossing’Your little mini-me is about to be so dewy.
  4. video games
    This Loathsome Owl Is the Only Bad Part of Animal CrossingA screed against Blathers.
  5. video games
    12 Women on Their Favorite Video GamesZelda: Breath of the Wild, The Sims 4, and more.
  6. science of us
    Video Games Are a To-Do List You PlayI love video games for the sense of errand satisfaction.
  7. the simulation
    The Sims Is Now High-FashionMoschino announces a real-life collaboration with the video game.
  8. politics
    Trump Spent $50,000 on an Elaborate Golf Video GameHe recently had one installed at the White House.
  9. divorce
    At Least 200 Couples Have Divorced Over Fortnite in 2018According to a new report.
  10. science of us
    The Video Game That Got Me Through My Long-Distance RelationshipWhen I was at my loneliest, my boyfriend and I used our in-game characters to do all the things we couldn’t.
  11. crime
    Man Says Samurai Sword Attack by Girlfriend Was Just a Big MisunderstandingAlex Lovell’s girlfriend allegedly stabbed him because she thought he was cheating on her, but he says he was just playing too many video games.
  12. video games
    Psychologists: Stop Blaming Mass Shootings on Video GamesThere’s a bit of dissent within the American Psychological Association about the role of video games in contributing to violence.
  13. There’s a Psychological Explanation for Why Tetris Is So AddictingWhy spend all that time on a game you can’t win?
  14. A New Book Argues Concerns Over Violent Video Games Are a Moral PanicIn their new book Moral Combat, two psychologists argue that video games are little understood and that fearmongering about them is rampant.
  15. Playing Action Video Games Might Make You a Better DriverFirst-person shooters: They’re good for you!
  16. Here’s an Overhyped Study About Video-Game Violence and MisogynySometimes the headline doesn’t match what was actually published.
  17. This Video Game Could One Day Be Used to Treat Social AnxietyIt matches patients with avatars that act just like them.
  18. keeping up with the jenners
    Why Kendall and Kylie’s New Game Is So AddictiveIt has its own social network!
  19. debunking
    A Tetris-Related Science Reporting Failure, and How It HappenedNo, playing a video game for three minutes won’t reduce your addictive cravings.
  20. Here’s a Mean Girls Video Game for You to WinFight the plastics, win the war. 
  21. No, Killing Prostitutes in GTA V Won’t Make You More Moral in Real LifeMisinterpreting studies is fun.
  22. video games
    Playing Action Video Games May Make You SmarterTime for some Call of Duty, Einstein.
  23. gamergate
    Gamergate’s Silver LiningThere is one — if you dig deeply enough.
  24. video games
    Wii Balance Boards Could Help Manage Multiple SclerosisUse of the boards was associated to changes in the parts of the brain associated with balance and movement.
  25. video games
    The Problem With Studying ‘Deviant’ Video GamesIs Spider-man teaching your kid to be a delinquent?
  26. love and war
    Tips for Female Employees at Video-Game Companies: Yell and Wear Bright Clothes“They don’t give you the ‘courtesy pause’ they normally give to the guys. I feel that I always need to wave my hand and yell, I’m here!!! I exist!!!
  27. decent proposals
    Now, a Marriage Proposal via Homemade Video-Game She did lose a life on her attempt to get the golden ring. 
  28. Getting an Abortion, the Video GameTexas’s draconian abortion regulations inspired a role-playing game. 
  29. the karl of it all
    Yes, Karl Lagerfeld Is a Video Game Character (Again)He’ll even deride you.
  30. parenting
    Best Dad Ever Rewrote Donkey Kong to Make Damsel Character the HeroHacker flips the script for his 3-year-old daughter.
  31. cgi models
    Arena Homme+ Styles Video Game Stars in PradaYou might say it’s an “animazing” idea.
  32. game on!
    Beyoncé Waxes Geeky As Spokesmodel for Style Savvy Video GameSoul queen to hawk Nintendo fashion game.
  33. high tech high fashion
    Video Games Go From Geeky to Crafty to Attract a Fashionable Female AudienceJewelry-making and ‘Project Runway’ go interactive to lure new generation of gamers.
  34. loose threads
    Trovata Settles Lawsuit With Forever 21; Project Runway to Become Video GameAnd Christian Louboutin designs Barbies.
  35. beauty marks
    See Kate Moss’s New Vintage Fragrance Ad; Tsumori Chisato Partners With Shu UemuraAnd CND is revamping its nail-color line by launching 65 new polishes.
  36. women are the new men
    Coming Soon: The Fashion Week Video GameWe blame the Wii Fit.
  37. wanna be on top
    ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Becomes a Video GamePlayer must guide one model through various challenges and try not to get eliminated.
  38. run through
    How We Killed Our Virtual Miss BimboWe didn’t carve out feeding time on the game that allows 9- to 16-year-old girls to foster a virtual bimbo with diets, sexy outfits, and boob jobs.
  39. cult of personality
    Karl Lagerfeld Becomes a Video-Game CharacterThe Kaiser will D.J. a radio station in the next installment of Grand Theft Auto, white ponytail included.