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  1. reunions
    A History of Rihanna Being Too Glorious for Drake to HandleNot a boy, not yet a man.
  2. i wanna know what love is
    Why You Should Keep That Tattoo of Your ExScott Campbell’s views on love and breakups. 
  3. i wanna know what love is
    I Now Know What Love Is, Thanks to the ‘My Beyoncé’ VideoThe most romantic song ever now has a Love and Basketball–themed video.
  4. babies
    What Kind of Baby-Soothing Sorcery Is This? Explaining why this California pediatrician’s method may work so well. 
  5. advice
    How to Sound Smart When You’re Feeling DumbIf you fear looking like an idiot when asking for help — don’t. 
  6. sex
    Explaining the Unnecessary Freak-out Over ‘Hookup Culture’How we fool ourselves into freaking out about “kids these days” over and over and over.
  7. the mind
    3 Reasons Why You Are Always Mishearing Song LyricsSo Taylor Swift is not actually singing about lonely Starbucks lovers?
  8. this is your brain on advertising
    This Is Your Brain on Advertising: Why Kids Are So Vulnerable to MarketingChildren are very, very suggestible.
  9. this is your brain on advertising
    This Is Your Brain on Advertising: How Marketers Target Your SensesIt’s not just sleek cars and sexy spokespeople.
  10. videos
    We Compiled the Highlights From Amy Schumer’s HBO SpecialIn case you missed it.
  11. this is your brain on advertising
    This Is Your Brain on Advertising: Why Impulse-Buying Is So SeductiveThe psychological principle that helps explain the allure of purchasing stuff on a whim.
  12. This Is Your Brain on Advertising: Why Your Favorite Brand Is Like a FriendThe psychological and physiological underpinnings of brand loyalty. 
  13. this is your brain on advertising
    This Is Your Brain on Advertising: Why Sex Doesn’t SellNew research questions an old assumption about advertising. 
  14. gropers
    Suprise! Not All Female Fans Want to Be Randomly Felt UpMaybe try a different version of audience participation?
  15. gratuitous male objectification
    We Could Watch Trevor Noah Fondle Pens All DayMmmmmm-hmmm.
  16. stress
    How to Recover If Reading the News Is Stressing You OutPolitics, plane crashes, food-safety scares — what to do when it all gets to be too much. 
  17. narcissism
    Here Is a Really Easy Way to Identify a NarcissistIt’s just one question. 
  18. personality
    Where’s the ‘Real’ You — in Your Head or Your Heart?Your answer matters more than you might expect. 
  19. sex and love
    This Explains Why Men Always Think Women Are FlirtingIt’s something called sexual misperception — watch the latest Science of Us animated video to find out more. 
  20. positive thinking
    Why a Little Pessimism Is Good for YouPositive thinking usually just gets in the way. 
  21. time capsule
    Watch Mariah Carey’s Song ‘Obsessed,’ Performed by FurriesA dispatch from recent-ish history.
  22. wandering minds
    Mindfulness Is Great, But Spacing Out Is Good for You, TooCheck out the latest episode of the Science of Us animated video series. 
  23. because it’s friday
    Elephants Yawn. Who Knew?Scientists didn’t until one was caught on video recently. 
  24. scary things
    What Happens If Antibiotics Stop Working? A scary but important look at the future of medicine.
  25. caffeine
    The Best Time to Drink Your Coffee Is Probably Not When You’re Drinking ItResearch suggests waiting till after 9 a.m.
  26. adhd
    Watch a Brief Explainer on How Adderall WorksComplete with a middle school dance analogy. 
  27. the brain
    Neuroscientist Shaves Her Head So You Dolts Might Understand How Brains WorkDedication. 
  28. dispatches from fashion week
    A$AP Ferg Turned Fashion Week Into a Music Video“Dope Walk,” recorded for Cara Delevingne (and everyone else). 
  29. fears
    It’s Possible to Be Scared to DeathExtreme stress on the heart is not so good. 
  30. sex
    That Pheromone Spray Has Pig Pheromones in ItHappy Valentine’s D-OINK!
  31. Watch the V Files Show Live Enjoy! 
  32. aging
    The Being Mortal Documentary Will Probably Make You CryJust like the book. 
  33. How Much Added Sugar Are You Eating? Who Knows!The mysteries of the current Nutrition Facts label. 
  34. balls
    The Daily Show Has Sympathy for the ManspreadersA tender message from Kristen Schaal.
  35. slurp!
    All the Times Chris Soules Has Made Out on The BachelorSo much slurping.
  36. sleep
    This Is What Narcolepsy Looks Like, ApparentlyA young woman accidentally caught a sleep attack on-camera.
  37. This Is What MDMA Does to Your BrainIt boosts the happy chemicals, basically. 
  38. videos
    Why Does Toothpaste Make Orange Juice Taste So Weird?An early-morning mystery, solved.
  39. Watch the Hermès Show Live From Paris Enjoy! 
  40. Watch the Louis Vuitton Show Live From Paris Enjoy! 
  41. Watch the Valentino Show Live From Paris Enjoy! 
  42. Watch the Chloé Show Live From Paris Enjoy!
  43. Watch the Vivienne Westwood Show Live From ParisEnjoy!
  44. Watch the Barbara Bui Show Live From Paris Enjoy! 
  45. conspiracy theories
    Watch a Good 2-Minute Debunking of Anti-Vaccine Autism NonsenseThese conspiracy theories have serious consequences.
  46. Watch the Emilio Pucci Show Live from Milan Enjoy! 
  47. Watch the Roberto Cavalli Show Live From Milan Enjoy! 
  48. Watch the Salvatore Ferragamo Show Live From MilanEnjoy! 
  49. Watch the Marni Show Live From Milan Enjoy! 
  50. Watch the Versace Show Live From MilanEnjoy! 
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