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  1. cut cover story
    Lele Pons Is One Fart Joke Away From World DominationA day in the life of YouTube’s reigning teen queen.
  2. the coolest mom
    Michelle Obama Still Doesn’t Really Get VineBut she’s great at Twitter.
  3. overly modern love
    Charm, A New Video Dating App, Is MortifyingYou don’t really want to video screen your dates, do you?
  4. cybersex
    The Rise of Microporn: DIY Dirty Movies for an ADD EraWhy watch six minutes of porn on YouTube when you can watch six seconds on Vine? 
  5. internet trends
    A Horrible New Vine Hashtag, and Its Antidote#SmackCam is a depressing new Internet trend.
  6. Watch a Hot Hockey Player Lose His Beard on VineThe best shaving we’ve ever seen.
  7. gotta vine that
    10 Great Uses of Vine During Fashion WeekWhich techniques worked best on the new social video network.