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Violence Against Women

  1. culture
    What to Know About the Megan Thee Stallion Shooting CaseAfter a judge denied a motion for a new trial, Tory Lanez faces up to 23 years in prison.
  2. power
    What to Know About the Allegations Against Scrubs Writer Eric WeinbergWeinberg has pleaded not guilty to 18 counts of sexual assault.
  3. politics
    A Single GOP Rep Is Stalling a Bill to Address Violence Against Native WomenRepresentative Goodlatte only cited “issues with language” when asked why he refuses to let the bill move forward.
  4. it never ends
    As Clinton Speaks Out About Election, Trump Retweets GIF of Him Hitting HerThe image shows Clinton being hit with a golf ball.
  5. Former MMA Fighter War Machine Gets Life Sentence for Assaulting Ex-GirlfriendHe’ll be eligible for parole in 36 years.
  6. politics
    Melania Trump Gave a Rare Speech About Women’s EmpowermentShe didn’t mention her husband or his administration.
  7. She Went to Prison for Firing a Warning Shot at Her Abuser. Now She’s Free.Seven years after her controversial case, Marissa Alexander talks life in prison, domestic violence, and moving on.
  8. Judge Orders Two Scottish Soccer Players to Pay £100,000 in Rape CaseA judge found they raped a woman when “she was vulnerable through an excessive intake of alcohol.”
  9. new year’s eve
    Vienna Police Will Be Handing Out Pocket Alarms to Women on New Year’s EveA precaution against last year’s New Year’s attacks in Germany.
  10. assault
    NBA Player Matt Barnes Accused of Choking Woman in NYC NightclubThe Sacramento Kings player has a history of being accused of violence.
  11. campus sexual assault
    Students Say This University’s Refusal to Investigate One Rape Enabled AnotherTwo female students claim the school gave the assailant a “free pass.”
  12. Domestic-Violence Killings Rise in NYC Even Though the Murder Rate Has DroppedThere have been more domestic-violence homicides this year than last year.
  13. This Ex-NFL Star Was Just Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Serial RapeDarren Sharper has been accused of raping multiple women across the country.
  14. Evan Rachel Wood Opens Up About Being a Rape Survivor in Trump’s AmericaWood spoke out the day after the election.
  15. violence against women
    This Offensive TV Show Gave Women Tips for Hiding Domestic-Violence BruisesWomen were outraged and demanded the footage be removed.
  16. This 24-Year-Old Teaches Muslim Women How to Protect Themselves From Hate CrimesZaineb Abdulla is helping women escape “hijab grabs.”
  17. A Man Who Beat His Girlfriend Is Blaming the Casino That Served Him AlcoholNicholas A. Mullins claims the attack is the casino’s fault.
  18. This Woman Was Punched in the Face by a Man for Speaking Out Against TrumpThey apparently got in an argument about the election.
  19. The Polish Army Is Offering Free Self-Defense Classes to WomenArmy instructors will teach women how to protect themselves.
  20. violence against women
    UW-Madison Student Accused of Sexual Assault Kept Notes on Alleged VictimsPolice found 20 notebooks and what prosecutors called a “disturbing” reference to killing.
  21. This Wisconsin Student May Have Assaulted and Stalked ‘Dozens’ of WomenStudents were “empowered” after the first accuser came forward.
  22. violence against women
    Here’s What the Star of Empire Had to Say About Leaving an Abusive RelationshipThe Empire star revealed her struggle in her new memoir.
  23. violence against women
    Hundreds of Thousands in Argentina Are Protesting Violence Against WomenThe protest was prompted by the murder of a 16-year-old girl.
  24. awful things
    Chicago Man Beat a Woman With Frozen Chicken for Not Flirting With HimIt happened on a bus.
  25. sports
    This ESPN Commentator Actually Addressed Violence Against Women“It’s not a mistake. It’s a choice.”
  26. violence against women
    This Woman Was Run Over by Men on a Moped for Ignoring Their CatcallsShe was walking home from a shopping center.
  27. This Woman’s Ex-Boyfriend Nearly Beat Her to Death for Turning Down SexHer partner was sentenced to 16 months in jail.
  28. violence against women
    A Woman in Turkey Was Kicked in the Face for Wearing ShortsPeople are furious.
  29. horrible things
    Rome Student Burned Alive by Her Ex-BoyfriendAuthorities say assistance from witnesses could have saved her life.
  30. terrible things
    Another Woman Killed for Turning a Man DownJanese Jackson Talton was shot and killed in Pittsburgh after rejecting a stranger’s advances.