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  1. stop asian hate
    A Man Attacked 7 Asian Women in New York on Sunday28-year-old Steven Zajonc has been charged with hate crimes after punching and shoving multiple victims over the course of a few hours.
  2. power
    How Many Students Have Been Traumatized by Active-Shooter Drills?In a new report, two major teachers unions have called for schools to end or revise the drills, saying they’re harmful to children.
  3. #metoo
    ‘Emily Doe’ From the Brock Turner Case Is Ready for You to Know Her NameIt’s Chanel Miller.
  4. violence
    Woman Says ‘Proud Boy’ Arrested for Beating Protesters Attacked Her Last YearAn anonymous Muslim woman says Geoffrey Young viciously attacked her at a protest last year, and bragged about it online afterward.
  5. video games
    Psychologists: Stop Blaming Mass Shootings on Video GamesThere’s a bit of dissent within the American Psychological Association about the role of video games in contributing to violence.
  6. Here’s a New Effort to Study the Psychological Effects of Youth ViolenceIt involves recruiting members of frequently victimized groups to conduct interviews about the psychological toll of violence.
  7. trauma
    How Violence Warps Childhood Friendships in ChicagoMost kids simply gravitate toward peers who are similar to them. In violent parts of Chicago, children need to be a lot more deliberate.
  8. A New Book Argues Concerns Over Violent Video Games Are a Moral PanicIn their new book Moral Combat, two psychologists argue that video games are little understood and that fearmongering about them is rampant.
  9. The Florida Airport Gunman Shows How Domestic Violence Predicts Mass KillingViolence begets violence.
  10. public health
    More Evidence That Violence Is ContagiousLike smoking or obesity, it travels along social networks.
  11. guns
    What the States With the Most School Shootings Have in CommonPublic spending matters.
  12. Why There Probably Won’t Be Much Election ViolenceAn expert on one of the more infamous recent examples of election violence sees few warning signs in the U.S.
  13. There’s No Explanation for Lone-Wolf Attacks, and Our Brains Can’t Handle ThatIt would be nice if there were some one-size-fits-all narrative that could explain Ahmad Khan Rahami and others like him, but there just isn’t.
  14. Predictive Policing Isn’t an Exact Science, and That’s the ProblemCan algorithms predict murder?
  15. If You Want Less Police Violence, Hire More Female CopsBetween culture, biology, and psychology, men are more aggressive. Especially when doing police work.
  16. It Matters If You Think Crime Is a Monster or a DiseaseMetaphors frame the way you think.
  17. The Dallas Police Force Is Evidence That ‘De-escalation’ Policing WorksSeriously, there’s good news about American policing.
  18. Do Warm Climates Really Make People More Violent?“… they are less strict about time, they have less use of birth control, they have children earlier and more often.”
  19. violence
    Rose McGowan Calls Out Sexist X-Men BillboardThe actress accused 20th Century Fox executives of using violence against women to market a product.
  20. violence
    How to Predict Which Soldier Will Commit Violent Acts“While you can’t predict these things with perfect accuracy, it’s pretty amazing how you can do a heck of a lot better than random.”
  21. violence
    10 Trans Women Have Been Murdered in the U.S. This YearIncluding India Clarke, who was found beaten to death in Tampa earlier this week.
  22. killing
    An Author Explains How Mass Killings HappenAn interview with with Abram de Swaan, author of The Killing Compartments.
  23. crime
    Why You Shouldn’t Fear the Rise in Mass ShootingsViolence in the U.S. is still on a long downward trajectory.
  24. law enforcement
    How Militarizing Police Can Increase ViolenceFerguson is part of a dangerous nationwide experiment.
  25. street harassment
    Man Stands Up to Catcallers, Gets Knocked UnconsciousPolice are still looking for the suspect.
  26. Mass Shootings Aren’t On the RiseWe’re just paying more attention when they do occur.
  27. Marriage and Fatherhood Aren’t Anti-Rape ToolsShadows don’t cause good weather, and being single doesn’t cause rape.
  28. Why School Shootings Happen and How to Stop ThemThese shootings rarely come out of nowhere, but kids’ reluctance to tattle on their peers often leads to tragedy.
  29. We Need to Get Better at Identifying Mass Killers Before They StrikeMass killers tend to broadcast warning signs beforehand.
  30. A Mental-Health Expert Explains How to Stop the Next Elliot RodgerIt should come as no surprise that Elliot Rodger showed all the warning signs.
  31. If You Want Someone to Treat You Generously, Offer Them a Warm DrinkTemperature affects our mood and behavior a lot more than you might think.
  32. There’s a Difference Between Misogyny and Severe Mental IllnessIt’s a mistake to lump Elliot Rodger in with all the other misogynists out there.
  33. out of control
    Violent Thoughts About a Man. How Can I Stop?A reactionary take on Slate’s male feminist lust manifesto.
  34. firearm feminism
    Rise of the Female Gun NutHello Kitty handguns, concealed-carry bras, and a charged gender debate.
  35. first person
    The School Shooting That Didn’t Change My Liberal, Pro-Gun ChildhoodA boy opened fire at my school dance, but my Democratic parents remained pro-gun.
  36. domestic violence
    Why Hating Chris Brown Isn’t the Same As Supporting RihannaOn bearing witness to a cycle of violence.