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  1. internet
    This ‘Pizzadilla’ Is the Breakout Horror Film of the SeasonIt’s truly filled with horrifying plot twists.
  2. animals
    The Chicago Coyote Guy on the Story Behind That Viral Video“That’s really odd to see a coyote pup out in broad daylight in an open area at 2 p.m.”
  3. awkward
    Here’s What Really Happened in That Extremely Awkward Rami Malek Fan Video“I think he’s a genuine person, and this was not at the right time, because this was at night, and he was rushing,” Xan Black tells the Cut.
  4. scandals
    Howard Students Sing ‘B*tch Better Have My Money’ Amid Financial Aid ScandalThe video is going viral on Twitter.
  5. viral videos
    American Airlines Apologizes for Flight-Attendant Incident With Mom and StrollerThings get tense over a baby stroller in this viral video.
  6. Here’s How a Woman Would’ve Handled That Viral BBC InterviewA new spoof of the BBC interview imagines a woman in Robert Kelly’s position.
  7. Just 10 Photos of Babies Wearing GlassesInspired by the adorable star of that viral BBC video.
  8. good things
    The Story Behind the Viral BBC Family Video Is So GoodHere’s how Robert Kelly’s toddler ended up crashing his live interview.
  9. awful things
    Italian Woman Whose Sex Tape Went Viral Commits SuicideTiziana Cantone became a meme for all the wrong reasons.
  10. cute kids
    This Child Loves Cotton Candy More Than Lorelai Gilmore Loves CoffeeBeatrix Hart’s cotton candy revelation was captured on a Jumbotron.
  11. This Couple’s Embarrassing Wedding Video Went Viral and Now They’re SuingThe groom had some issues removing the bride’s garter, and the footage went viral.
  12. Your Viral Proposal Video Is Not Impressing AnyoneOne man planned his proposal for an entire year … wow.
  13. viral videos
    Finally, You Too Can Date a Man Who Looks Like DrakeThink what we could do with this technology.
  14. blue ivy carter
    Blue Ivy’s Dance Recital Was the Hottest Ticket in TownThis very short clip of her dancing is giving us heart eyes.
  15. terrible things
    Jason Melo Arrested for Viral Abuse VideoHe’s been booked on charges of choking, child abuse, coercion, and assault.
  16. Pregnancy-Surprise Couple Made Sad Announcement A new video reveals Nia has miscarried.
  17. coming of age on youtube
    Rebecca Black Records Herself Watching ‘Friday’A YouTube star looks back.
  18. viral videos
    Prancercise Lady Prances for PistachiosShe “crackercises” in a YouTube ad.
  19. viral videos
    Alexander McQueen’s First Love Was a Boy Named TomJust one of many random designer facts in British ‘Vogue’ TV’s year-end reel.