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Virtual Reality

  1. hot bod
    Working Out in Virtual Reality, I Vanquish My Limited SelfWearing a headset makes me forget that I’m tired, that I’m exercising, that I even have a body at all.
  2. swellness
    Virtual Reality Ayahuasca Was Like a Weird Vacation From MyselfCan virtual reality distract us from pain?
  3. now smell this
    Watch Jamie Dornan Yearn and PineIn a new scent film for Hugo Boss.
  4. Women Are Getting Groped in Virtual Reality, TooA man attacked at the sound of a female voice.
  5. Soon Women Can Try Negotiating for Better Pay in Virtual RealityIt’s a brave new world.
  6. who run the world? nerds
    Men Continue to Invent New Ways to Not Have Sex With Human WomenA much-needed innovation.
  7. Get Ready to See Balenciaga in Virtual RealityAll 360 degrees of it.
  8. virtual reality
    Meet Virtual You: How Your VR Self Influences Your Real-Life SelfYour avatar can affect your behavior in the “real” world in some surprising ways. 
  9. Inside the First Virtual-Reality Fashion ShootAnd why it probably won’t be the last of its kind.
  10. The Health and Psychology Mysteries of Virtual RealityThere’s gonna be some moral panic over those kids and their darn VR headsets.
  11. virtual reality
    Turning People ‘Invisible’ With Virtual Reality Reduces Their Social StressIt sounds like a sci-fi plot, but scientists are actually studying invisibility.
  12. virtual reality
    Could Virtual-Reality Headsets Like the Oculus Rift Reduce Neck Pain?A strange experiment suggests they may have potential.
  13. virtual reality
    Can Virtual Reality Help Treat Pedophiles?There’s some very strange but promising technology in the works.