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  1. vision
    This Woman Is Living Your Worst Eclipse NightmareShe used the wrong glasses to look at the eclipse.
  2. Your Brain Treats a Blink Like a Tiny NapTime slows down when your eyes are closed.
  3. People With This Trait Literally See the World DifferentlyA cool new study on vision and personality.
  4. Learning Sign Language Can Help You Improve Your VisionA new study found a link between sign-language fluency and “visual-processing skills.”
  5. science of us
    This Illusion Shows How Your Peripheral Vision Is Playing Tricks on YouA lot of what you see out of the corner of your eye is just a figment of your mind.
  6. Humans Aren’t the Only Animals Who Need GlassesA new discovery on blurry vision in the animal kingdom.
  7. What Dreams Are Like When You’re BlindHave you ever smelled something in a dream? What about taste?
  8. ‘Motion Blindness’ Happens When Your Brain Can’t Understand Your EyesA new study says it’s related to face blindness.
  9. Think You’re Color-Blind? Take This QuizIt’s way more common for guys than ladies.