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Vittorio Missoni

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    Missoni Plane Found After Almost 6 MonthsThey haven’t looked inside it yet.
  2. terrible things
    Missoni Plane Wreckage Possibly Found on Curaçao BeachAuthorities are investigating.
  3. terrible things
    Vittorio Missoni’s Backpack Found on Caribbean IslandIt washed ashore on Bonaire, between Los Roques and Curaçao.
  4. terrible things
    Report: Bag Stowed on Missoni Plane Found in CuraçaoPlus, the kids release a new statement.
  5. terrible things
    Missoni Pilot Was Licensed to FlyAnd more cell phone weirdness.
  6. terrible things
    Missoni Pilot’s License Was ExpiredAnd the airline did “not yet have [a] regular air operator’s certificate.”
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    Missoni Menswear Walks in MilanDonatella Versace told reporters: “No one better than me can understand the pain and anguish that they are experiencing.”
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    Missoni Plane May Have Been Located“It’s an area where the water depths reach 2,000 meters.”
  9. terrible things
    Body Found Off Coast of Venezuela Unrelated to Missoni DisappearanceAnd updates from Italy.
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    GMA Has Last Look at Vittorio Missoni, PlaneThe fashion house still plans to hold its menswear show on Sunday.
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    Vittorio Missoni’s Son: ‘My Father Will Come Back’Plus, a Bermuda Triangle comparison.
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    Venezuela: Missoni Wasn’t KidnappedThe search continues.
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    Pilot Says He Watched Missoni Plane Vanish [Updated]Plus, kidnapping theories.
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    Angela Missoni: ‘Our Hope Is That’ Vittorio ‘Is Still Alive’Still no trace of the plane or the passengers.
  15. Plane Carrying Vittorio Missoni Has Gone MissingFive other people were also on board.