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Vocal Fry

  1. cut cover story
    Can a Woman’s Voice Ever Be Right?From the Roman Forum to the 2016 campaign trail, anxiety over what women sound like is part of our cultural DNA.
  2. office hours
    Should Women Change the Way They Talk in the Workplace?Maybe this is the way to topple the patriarchy once and for all.
  3. language
    Can We Just, Like, Get Over the Way Women Talk?The problem with policing vocal tics.
  4. icymi
    Read All of Our Brain Dead Fortnight Stories in One PlaceHighlights from the L.L. Bean comments section, our vocal-fry supercut, celebrity sock lines, and much, much more.
  5. brain-dead fortnight
    Sit Back, Relax, and Watch Our Vocal-Fry Supercut“Uhhhhhh.”
  6. anthropology
    The French Discovered Vocal Fry and They Call It ‘The Voice of America’Just some light grilling from Le Monde
  7. Lake Bell Hates Girls Who Taalk Liiike ThissssDrop your voice an octave if you wanna be her friend.
  8. science
    How to Talk Like a ManPrank callers, take note.