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  1. nice things
    Please Enjoy This Extremely Heartwarming ‘Vows’ ColumnIn which a man reconnected his birth parents and officiated their wedding.
  2. plot twists
    This New York Times ‘Vows’ Column Contains Every Lifetime Movie Plot ImaginableSo many dramatic plot twists.
  3. l’amour
    This Wedding Announcement Features an Insane Detail About Dave Matthews BandReally burying the lede here.
  4. vows
    New York Times Makes Grave Journalistic ErrorA true shame.
  5. vows
    This Wedding Column Has Everything: Ibiza, Brown Rice Pasta, and Paris HiltonCongratulations to Melissa Wood and Noah Tepperberg.
  6. vows
    What Happens When You Choose Jesus Over Sex With Ciara They’re doing it “Jesus’ way” — which is to say, not doing it.
  7. weddings!
    The Viral Wedding: Six Ways Social Media Got Invited to the PartyProposing via Spotify may soon be a thing.