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  1. fucking weddings
    W Hotel Has a Hashtag-Enforcer for Your WeddingA “professional Social Media Wedding Concierge” for your aggressively organized wedding.
  2. not that kind of casino
    Ladyfag Models Hood by Air for Casino DiaboliqueIt’s just as trippy as it sounds.
  3. loose threads
    Wendy Williams Designs Shoes; Michael Vick Wants Fashion Show TicketsPlus, mini-Kardashians cover the new issue of Teen Vogue
  4. big reveals
    Gregory Parkinson’s Designs Embody Luxe BohemiaProof that fashion can be true to itself without any hoopla.
  5. hey mister d.j.
    Runway D.J. Michaelangelo L’Acqua Makes Us a Playlist… And all of the songs are inspired by his favorite designers (DVF, McQueen, and more).
  6. loose threads
    LVMH CEO Makes the New York Rounds; Sean Avery’s Hockey Return ImminentAlso, Irina Lazareanu works on music instead of walking shows.