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Wage Gap

  1. us women’s soccer
    Team Men Has Nothing to Say About Pay InequalityThe U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team just reached a whole new level of disappointing.
  2. studies
    The Fashion Industry Is Still Run by MenDon’t be fooled by the Girl Power logo tees.
  3. wage gap
    Male BBC Presenters Agree to Pay Cut After Female Colleague Resigns Over Pay GapThe cuts come after a female editor resigned over unequal pay.
  4. everyday sexism
    Man Leading U.K. Equality Efforts Says Female BBC Staffers ‘Let’ Pay Gap Happen“I suspect they let it happen because they weren’t doing much about it.”
  5. pay gap
    BBC Boss Responds to Open Letter, Says Closing Pay Gap Will Be ‘Accelerated’Tony Hall said that closing the wage gap was “a personal priority over the last four years.”
  6. everyday sexism
    Here Is One Way Women Could Amplify Their Voice in PoliticsMight be because of a little thing called “the wage gap.”
  7. women at work
    The Real Reason 5 Decades of Women’s Progress Has StalledWe need to stop looking to professional-track, straight white women for the answers.
  8. everyday sexism
    The Gender Wage Gap Hasn’t Improved Since 2007It’s been stagnant for nine years.
  9. today in donald trump
    Trump Is Now Being Sued by Little GirlsHe starts the pay gap early.
  10. Domestic Violence Has a Huge Impact on the Wage GapAs many as one in three women experience violence at the hands of a partner, and it has a huge impact on their productivity.
  11. women at work
    NYC Could Be Next in Banning Salary HistoriesIf Public Advocate Letitia James has anything to do with it.
  12. women at work
    Injured at Work? Your Gender Could Affect How Much You’re Paid.Bet you didn’t know gender is a “preexisting condition” for workers’ comp.
  13. accio wokebaeness
    Harry Potter and the Hollywood Gender Pay GapDaniel Radcliffe wonders, “How can this still be happening?”
  14. Barbara Corcoran Doesn’t Think She Believes in the Glass Ceiling, But She DoesOops.
  15. mind the pay gap
    Jessica Chastain Refuses to Be Paid in Just GratitudeShe wants that paper.
  16. masculinity so fragile
    Men Threaten Rape Because They Had to Pay 17 Cents More for CupcakesMasculinity so so so so so so so fragile.
  17. gender
    How Religion Can Help Explain the Wage GapSometimes researchers ignore stuff that’s a pretty big deal.
  18. helpful suggestions
    Male Tennis Champ Would Like to Undo Equal PayWhere’s the Imodium for verbal diarrhea?
  19. genius ideas
    New App Splits the Bill So White Men Pay Their Fair Share (More)Split the bill equitably, not equally.
  20. today in inequality
    Lesbians Earn More Than Straight Women, Less Than MenBut straight, white, married men still earn the most. Surprise!
  21. fuck this fucking wage gap
    Anderson Offered Half Duchovny’s X-Files PayThe truth is out there, and it sucks.
  22. studies
    The Wage Gap May Explain Why Depression Is More Common in WomenWhen researchers compared women who earned as much as or more than their male counterparts, the difference in anxiety and depression between men and women disappeared. 
  23. sassy snap
    Megyn Kelly Doubles Down on Misguided Wage-Gap Stance“It’s like some of these things are anathema — if you say them, you get booted out of the feminist club.”
  24. this is insulting
    Hey, Women, the Wage Gap Closed by One Cent This Year!Progress?
  25. video
    Jennifer Lawrence Blames Herself for Getting Paid Less Than Her Male Co-Stars“I don’t want to seem like all these things that are only words that are used for women.”
  26. wage gap
    Do We Really Want Equal Pay?It’s Women’s Equality Day, but what kind of equality do we really want?
  27. money
    We Are One Step Closer to Pay TransparencyThe S.E.C. will now require companies to disclose the salary gap between their CEOs and employees.
  28. money
    The U.K. Is Forcing Employers to Address the Wage Gap Starting next year, large companies will be required to publish data on how much male and female employees are paid.
  29. study
    The Racial Wage Gap in Retail Is Atrocious Black and Latino salespeople earn 75 percent of what their white counterparts make, according to a new report.
  30. quotables
    Salma Hayek: ‘Cinema Undermines Women’s Intelligence’ “Cinema undermines women’s intelligence,” she said at a Cannes panel this weekend.
  31. money
    Can Talking About Our Salaries End the Wage Gap?A hashtag campaign to bring pay disparities out in the open.
  32. economics
    A Modest Proposal: How to Close the Gender Wage GapThe U.N. Women report has some recommendations for achieving economic gender parity. We’ve come up with a few more.
  33. pay day
    Women Can’t End the Wage Gap on Their OwnAsking for more is great — but employers have to do their part, too.
  34. mind the income gap
    3-D-Printed Penises More Likely Than Wage EqualityKristen Schaal explains.
  35. quotables
    Patricia Arquette Elaborates on Her Oscar SpeechAt yesterday’s U.N. Women’s Planet 50-50 conference.
  36. lists
    16 Gaps Facing Women TodayWage gap, confidence gap, thigh gap.
  37. wage gap
    Senate Republicans Unite Against Equal Pay for WomenIn order to avoid headlines like this one. 
  38. wage gap
    First Female CEO of GM Currently Making Less Than PredecessorThe wage gap of the one percent.
  39. equal pay acts
    French Companies Fined Millions for Underpaying WomenThe women’s rights minister is not joking around.
  40. money
    Study: Narrowing Wage Gap Still a Major BummerYoung women have almost achieved pay parity, but aren’t hopeful for their mid-thirties. 
  41. income inequality
    Elle Readers Choose to Ignore Gender Wage GapIt still exists, but people sure have a hard time believing it.
  42. wage gap
    Highest-Paid Female Executives Also Earn Less Than MenAnd are vastly outnumbered.
  43. college
    Majority of Harvard Virgins Had Sex Before GraduationCongratulations, Class of 2013.
  44. babies r expensive
    It’s Cheapest to Have Kids in the NetherlandsRelatively speaking.