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  1. wait what?
    This Really Was the Wedding of the CenturyThe venue? A Parisian château. The dress? Dior couture. The groom? Potentially facing 25 years in prison.
  2. #momtok
    What on Earth Is Going on With Mormon MomTok?A Utah friend group is imploding amid rumors of “soft swinging.”
  3. wait what?
    Estée Lauder Exec Out After Sharing a Racist Chingy MemeWhat do COVID-19, Chingy, Sesame Street, and John Demsey have in common?
  4. wait what
    Hawaii Sees Tornado Warnings, on Top of Everything Else2020 continues apace.
  5. wait what
    A 74-Year-Old Woman Just Gave Birth to TwinsAnd may have set a new world record in the process.
  6. wait what
    Woman With Double Uterus Gives Birth Twice in a MonthMy recurring stress dream, come to life.
  7. wait what?
    Did Norman Mailer’s Official Biographer Forget the Writer Stabbed His Wife?“He … had a complex relationship with women.”
  8. wait what?
    Trump Official Reportedly Proposed ‘Reversing’ Undocumented Teen’s AbortionOffice of Refugee Resettlement head Scott Lloyd suggested the scientifically unsound procedure, according to an ACLU lawsuit.
  9. wait what?
    Burning Man Kindly Asks That You ‘De-MOOP’ Your OutifitDon’t be that guy.
  10. wait what
    Woman Wakes Up to Raccoon-Monkey Hybrid Sensually Caressing Her FaceSeems like a nightmare.