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  1. gun violence
    Walmart Manager Killed Six Employees in Mass ShootingA manager in a Walmart store in Chesapeake, Virginia, killed six co-workers before turning the gun on himself.
  2. capitalism
    Uh-oh, Brands Are Celebrating Pride AgainPostmates has taken it upon themselves to roll out a “Bottom-Friendly Menu.”
  3. sorry
    Walmart Is Reevaluating Their Juneteenth Ice CreamThe retail giant also rolled out emancipation-themed wine bottles, commemorative T-shirts, and party supplies.
  4. recalls
    Caution, This Aromatherapy Spray May Be DeadlyThe CDC has recalled an air freshener after several people came down with bacterial infections.
  5. hairy situations
    People Are Panic-Buying Hair DyeIt’s the new toilet paper.
  6. evil
    Chaos Agent Unleashes Bedbugs on Pennsylvania WalmartWhat kind of a monster…
  7. metaphysics
    Let Her Eat (Half a) CakeA Texas Walmart banned a woman for eating half a cake in the store, and then refusing to pay the full price.
  8. 7 Essentials That Will Freshen Up Your Spring StyleDesign-forward, wallet-friendly pieces from Lord & Taylor’s Premium Shops collection at Walmart.
  9. media
    Why Walmart Is Removing Cosmo From Checkout LinesThis is the result of a long-running campaign by a group that has made targeting the magazine one of its priorities.
  10. let’s makeup
    Drew Barrymore’s Beauty Line Will Be Sold at UltaFlower is … blossoming.
  11. whoops
    Walmart Is Sorry They Advertised Guns As Back-to-School ItemsWhoops.
  12. workers rights
    How Walmart’s Strict Attendance Policy Hurts Women WorkersThe retail behemoth is once again being accused of labor violations.
  13. it’s a mod mod mod world
    Walmart Officially Bought ModCloth, and Customers Are Freaking Out“The world is in shambles, America is crumbling,” one tweeted about the sale.
  14. unlikely pairings
    Indie-Favorite ModCloth Is Reportedly Coming Under the Wing of WalmartSmall-batch meets big-box.
  15. hairy situations
    Is Walmart Discriminating Against Blacks by Locking Up Black Hair Products?Beauty products for black customers are disproportionately scrutinized.
  16. Walmart Will No Longer Sell ‘Bulletproof: Black Lives Matter’ ShirtsAfter a request from the country’s biggest police organization.
  17. lgbt rights
    Walmart Just Settled a Groundbreaking Case for Same-Sex CouplesThe company will compensate same-sex couples whose spouses were denied insurance benefits.
  18. style wars
    Young Republicans Love to Dress Like Your Worst Preppy NightmareTheir favorite brands include Tory Burch, Brooks Brothers, and Walmart.
  19. the bad old days
    Back in 1995, Walmart Banned This T-ShirtBecause a woman president was “offensive” and against “family values.”
  20. open mouth insert foot
    Walmart Still Feels Really Bad for Calling People Fat The company has issued an apology.
  21. dubious cleanses
    Three Witches in a Walmart Parking Lot Offer to Cleanse SoulsFor just a few hundred dollars! What could go wrong?
  22. meet the new matchmaker
    The Cupid of Nerds: Ryan Glitch’s Comic-Con Speed-Dating EmpireFive marriages, nineteen engagements, and countless cosplay hookups.
  23. sweatshops
    Oh Good, Some Retailers Are Trying to Fix BangladeshTarget, Gap, and Walmart will inspect all their factories there.
  24. bangladesh
    Several Companies Refuse to Sign Bangladesh Safety ContractThey’re “looking for their own solutions.”
  25. Drew Barrymore Hates Feathered Lipstick The actress told the Cut she would “rather have food stuck in her teeth.”
  26. terrible
    Disney Hoodies and Diddy’s ENYCE Shorts Found in Bangladesh FactorySears and Wal-Mart also used the factory where a fatal fire occurred over the weekend. 
  27. black saturday
    Tragic Factory Fire Yet Another Reason Not to Shop at Wal-MartBangladesh garment factory had ties to U.S. big-box stores.
  28. people of wal-mart
    Drew Barrymore … Might Do a Makeup Line … for WalmartThis seems possible.
  29. loose threads
    Coles Bringing Marie Claire Editors to CosmoPlus, Carven collaborates with Petit Bateau.
  30. loose threads
    Urban Outfitters’ Jewish Star Tee; Beckham’s CarPlus, more Top Model rejection reactions.
  31. lawsuits
    More on That Weird Max Azria Playboy Condom LawsuitThis isn’t the first time Azria has gone to court over the matter.
  32. loose threads
    J.Crew Poaches Zoë Bruns From Bazaar; J.C. Penney Slashes StaffPlus, Victoria Beckham’s new cover, YSL’s new eyewear, and more fashion news.
  33. lawsuits
    Wal-Mart Looking to Unload Two Gender Discrimination SuitsThe retailer is doing some spring cleaning.
  34. forever scary
    Your Costume Jewelry Is Killing YouResearchers found a bunch of hazardous chemicals in items sold at Claire’s, H&M, and Forever 21.
  35. ‘tis the seasoning
    Crazed Pepper-Spraying Black Friday Shopper Threatens to Sue WalmartShe had to defend her children from stampeding shoppers, you see.
  36. loose threads
    Harper Seven’s Clothes; Vogue’s Gift GuidePlus, Kimora Lee Simmons booked a new magazine cover.
  37. ‘tis the seasoning
    Woman Suspected of Black Friday Pepper-Spraying Incident Turns Herself InBut then she declined to answer questions.
  38. loose threads
    Dolce & Gabbana on Madonna’s Clothing Line; Pippa Middleton Is a Single LadyAlso, Versace’s H&M line is in ‘Rodeo’ magazine.
  39. wal-wars
    Wal-Mart Will Invade Brooklyn Come Hell, High Water, or Lack of Parking Lot SpaceThey’re trying to open a store in Brooklyn.
  40. fright fest
    Justin Bieber Threatens to Shave His Head in an Interview About His Forthcoming Scented Dog TagsThe terrifying prospects abound!
  41. kids these days
    Justin Bieber Made Some Nail Polish to Sell Exclusively at Wal-MartQuick — make sure the 11-year-old girl next to you is still standing.
  42. beauty marks
    Heidi Klum Channels Marlene Dietrich; Kim Kardashian Feuds With SephoraAlso, Kate Moss rocks a poodle perm in French ‘Vogue.’
  43. loose threads
    W’s Online Director Departs; See More From the Fall Prada CampaignAlso, Gucci is suing Elisabetta Gucci for trying to open a hotel with her name.
  44. loose threads
    Target’s Controversial T-Shirt; Karl Lagerfeld to Play EditorAlso see Abbey Lee’s latest cover for Japanese ‘Vogue.’
  45. loose threads
    Coca Rocha Ties the Knot; Thom Browne Does Womenswear; Rihanna Gets PhotoshoppedPlus, Miley and Wal-Mart, round two.
  46. Wal-Mart Is Terrified of Selling Clothes, Especially Fashionable OnesKathy Lee Gifford is partly to blame.
  47. kids these days
    Wal-Mart Knows Miley Cyrus’s Jewelry Is Toxic But Continues to Sell ItThe manufacturer says the stuff is intended for adults.
  48. loose threads
    Bloomingdale’s and Gap Caught in Used-Panties Scandal; Cate Blanchett’s New CoverAlso, Aquascutum has a new creative director.
  49. war-mart
    Not Everyone Is Against the Brooklyn Wal-MartSuch as the neighborhood residents who already go out of their way to shop there.
  50. wal-mart
    Wal-Mart Wants to Set Up Shop in BrooklynAnd labor unions are prepared to oppose the move.
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