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  1. animals
    Crisis in Cleveland: Small Dogs Face 50-mph WindsThe National Weather Service issued a “Small Dog Warning” wind advisory this week.
  2. warnings
    I Worked at Fyre Festival. It Was Always Going to Be a Disaster.“We were standing in an empty gravel pit trying to figure out how to build a festival village from scratch”
  3. warnings
    Thanks to Zika, Pregnant Women Told to Consider Not Traveling to Southeast AsiaSame goes for women trying to get pregnant.
  4. warnings
    Mistakes I’ve Made While High on Taylor SwiftA partial list.
  5. warnings
    Nina Garcia Fell Outside of Bryant Park YesterdayShe walked away with visible scratches.
  6. warnings
    ALERT: Chocolate Fountain in the Tents Causing SpillageNo scarf is safe.