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  1. Cartier’s Iconic Tank Watch Turns 100It’s been worn by Princess Diana, Andy Warhol, and Yves Saint Laurent.
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    Emma Watson’s Mysterious Feminist Project Is Wildly SuccessfulShe gave an update at Davos.
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    Conservative Genius Frets Beyoncé Will Turn Girls Into StrippersPaging the Beyhive.
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    This Child Knows More About Transgender Rights Than Most AdultsAnd is also adorable.
  5. video
    Watch Lola Kirke Argue for Topless JournalismIn an exclusive clip from Free the Nipple.
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    Can Nicki Minaj Be on SNL Every Week?She nailed Beyoncé and Kim.
  7. catcallers
    How Second-Wave Feminists Fought CatcallersThe “Ogle-In” is featured in She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, a new documentary about Women’s Lib.
  8. movie versions
    What If ‘Free the Nipple’ Were More Like Pussy Riot?A new feature film imagines it.
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    Watch the SFW-ish Duke Porn Star DocumentaryCondé Nast followed Belle Knox at Duke and on set.
  10. Veteran to Marine Corps: Stop With the Casual Rape JokesThe Marine Corps. thinks flip-flops are more offensive than rape jokes. 
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    Drake Is Nicki Minaj’s Video VixenNon-rapping eye candy.
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    It Doesn’t Matter If Your Band Is Bad: A Feminist ArgumentAccording to a new coming-of-age film.
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    Watch the Men’s Rights Rant on Orange Is the New BlackNon-binge-watchers: spoilers ahead!
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    ‘Women’s Rights Ladies’ Gave Joe Scarborough a SeizureWatch him scream and convulse.
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    Sheryl Sandberg and Megyn Kelly Are FriendsThey bonded over equal pay.
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    Transgender Swimsuit Model Describes Coming OutGeena Rocero is the founder of Gender Proud.
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    Birth Control Hits the Supreme Court Next WeekAnd it’s worse than you thought.
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    ICYMI: Being a Poor, Single Mom Is HardA new documentary from Maria Shriver shows exactly how hard.
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    Only Whoopi Goldberg Understands the Duke Porn StarThe ladies of the The View consider Belle Knox.
  20. quotables
    Lena Dunham Detained at Airport for Cat-Shaped WeaponWhen self-defense goes wrong. 
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    Lena Dunham on Jezebel’s Vogue Photo Stunt: ‘It Felt Gross’She can’t enjoy the site anymore.
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    Piers Morgan Insufficiently Worshipped for Interview With Transgender WomanHe had a Twitter tantrum when her supporters called out his insensitivity.
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    Is Being First Lady a Job?Laura Bush wants the first lady to keep her day job.
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    Hannah Horvath Is a Jezebel CommenterLast night on Girls.
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    Watch Mark Ruffalo Talk About Abortion RightsA 41st birthday message.
  26. Watch Laverne Cox Teach Katie Couric How to Interview HerRule 1: Don’t ask about people’s genitals.
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    Underwear Company to Men: Get on Women’s LevelWe can’t even get away with your stretched-out briefs on laundry day.
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    The Full Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Lecture Beyoncé SampledOn “***Flawless.”
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    Sheryl Sandberg’s Favorite Shampoo CommercialIt’s a mad world, where Pantene fights for feminism.
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    Feminist Toy Company Rewrites Beastie Boys’ ‘Girls’For science.
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    Sexual Harassment: ‘Illegal or Just Sleazy?’The most depressing quiz show ever has the answers.
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    ABC Anchor’s On-Air Mammogram Saved Her LifeAmy Robach was diagnosed with breast cancer.
  33. indecent proposals
    For Your Consideration: A Homeless PrankposalIs this the worst viral marriage proposal video ever?
  34. never forget
    A Feminist ‘Blurred Lines’ Parody to End the SummerClosing the book.
  35. etiquette
    What to Say When Your Friend Gets Engaged to a ‘Medium Racist’ Guy“You’re gonna be his wife! He’s gonna be your husband!”
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    Kirsten Gillibrand Killed It on The Daily Show Last NightShe warmly took on John Oliver’s surprise hardball questions.
  37. teens (who run the world)
    Our New Teenage Girl Crush, Rebelling Against ‘Sexy’She’s a natural! She also knows better.
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    WNBA Player Sheryl Swoopes’s Pregnancy Was Groundbreaking and MarketableThe breastfeeding face of the WNBA.
  39. non-procreative
    How Would Ken Cuccinelli’s Oral-Sex Ban Affect Women of The View?So glad you asked.
  40. feminist awakenings
    Dustin Hoffman Wishes That He’d Been Nicer to Ugly WomenFilming Tootsie, he shed a tear for each of them.
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    Johnny Depp Just Kept Kissing Jimmy KimmelIt never got old.
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    ‘Bitchy Resting Face’ Is RealYou can get plastic surgery to fix it.
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    Watch a Deranged Feminist Makeup TutorialWhen beauty vloggers snap. 
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    Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Defends Female Breadwinners Against Network CreepsLou Dobbs calls her “Oh Dominant One.”
  45. the end of men
    Watch Fox News Panic Over the Rise of Female BreadwinnersThey say it’s “anti-science” for women to work outside the home.
  46. Cosmo Editor Joanna Coles Whistles While She WorksShe’s no stealthy office creeper.
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    Barbara Walters Retires to Run Off With Mayor Bloomberg“Did you tell them about our personal relationship?”
  48. the dating game
    Meet Martha Stewart’s Match.com Dates“This is real reality,” Stewart says.
  49. Why Are Teenagers Snorting Their Condoms?Nothing better to do with them.
  50. allowed to laugh
    Louis C.K. Told a Feminist Rape JokeSo, that exists.
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