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  1. summer
    Florida Is One Big Hot TubLast week, water temperatures off the coast reached triple digits.
  2. drought
    Surprise: The Celebs Are Using Too Much WaterDwyane Wade and Kim Kardashian are among the Californians who have been reprimanded for their consumption amid a megadrought.
  3. water
    My Summer Crush Is the OceanConsider me a cross between a fangirl and a marine biologist.
  4. swellness
    Can I Drink Too Much Water?Overhydration is more common than you may think.
  5. fashion
    A 9-Minute Fashion Ad About the Superiority of French WaterStarring all of your favorite celebrities.
  6. skin deep
    Lizzo Waters Herself Every MorningTry it!
  7. lip service
    Clarins Made 4 Vibrant New Lip StainsThey’re supposed to last for up to 300 kisses.
  8. lunchtime buy
    How to Make a Plain Old Glass of Water Taste FancyThe supplement for water haters.
  9. Hey Hillary, Have You Tried Seltzer?It seems Hillary Clinton has an aversion to hydration.
  10. wellness theories
    Cameron Diaz on Water, Aging, and Those Body-Hair Comments “Aging really is your responsibility.”
  11. Chill Kiwi Study Finds That ‘Blue Spaces’ Make City Life More BearableWater is magic.
  12. watergate
    Is Any Water Better for You Than Tap?Assessing the new crop of “enhanced” waters.
  13. at the beach
    What Makes a Great Bathing Suit? A handful of swimmers and sunbathers showed us the suits they love most.
  14. the sour truth
    Can Lemon Water Really Help You Lose Weight?Celebrities swear by it.
  15. icymi
    Read All of Our Brain Dead Fortnight Stories in One PlaceHighlights from the L.L. Bean comments section, our vocal-fry supercut, celebrity sock lines, and much, much more.
  16. brain-dead fortnight
    33 Celebrities on Drinking Water“So boring, yet so simple.”
  17. male gaze
    Male Gaze: A Summer Surfer for Your Winter BluesA heart of gold in this one.
  18. Best Bet: Soma Glass Water FilterComplete with a compostable filter made of biodegradable coconut-shell carbon.