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  1. we tried this
    3 Women Try Instagram’s Favorite Wax KitAfter seeing it in their feeds for weeks.
  2. beat around the bush
    19 Waxing Scenes in Film and Television“Kelly Clarkson!”
  3. beat around the bush
    When You Get Waxed for YourselfAt the risk of sounding problematic, I can admit there’s a sense of control that comes from being waxed.
  4. advice
    What Should You Do With Your Mustache?Anything you want.
  5. male grooming
    Channing Tatum Understands, Loathes the Vicious Cycle of Waxing“And then I went again, and it sucked just as bad.”
  6. lab rat
    Does At-home Waxing Actually Work?Ow. Just ow.
  7. wax on wax off
    Jared Leto Went Method With His Beauty RoutineHe put on lipstick and waxed. A lot.
  8. quotables
    Alexa Chung Insists She Does Not Have a Bush“That’s really not what’s going on down there.”
  9. smooth operators
    Adventures in Hair Removal: Arm WaxingWe can’t believe we’re recommending this.
  10. hairy situations
    This Brave 12-Year-Old Agrees to Be the Face of the Preteen Waxing TrendHer mom isn’t thrilled.
  11. beauty
    The Tweens Are Taking Your Waxing AppointmentsThe 12-and-unders are getting the hair yanked out of their bodies, too.
  12. fancy vaginas
    Fur Vagina Decorations Go FauxThe campaign to get her salons to glue fake fur onto women’s vaginas — instead of real fur— has been successful.
  13. fancy vaginas
    Fur and Feather Vaginal Decorating ExplainedAlso, she touches on vaginal hair removal as a feminist issue, and more!
  14. hairy situations
    Can We Get Used to the Idea of Female Pubic Hair?Or are twentysomethings destined for decades of genital waxes to come?
  15. beauty marks
    New Jersey Considers Banning Brazilian Waxes; Julia Roberts’s Hair EvolutionAlso, Daisy Fuentes launches another scent this April and Michael Jackson is considering even more plastic surgery.
  16. beauty marks
    Does the Pain-Free Bikini Wax Actually Exist?• Is there such a thing as a pain-free bikini wax? Relax and Wax No Scream Cream is designed to numb the region before the wax attack. Oh, we get it: Now you just numb it, then rip it and strip it. Still sounds painful. [Bella Sugar]