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  1. dogs
    Entire Superrich Town Loses Its Damn Mind Over a Dog ParkResidents of Chevy Chase, Maryland, are furious over the fact that they can occasionally hear dogs barking.
  2. culture
    What It’s Like to Have a Family Like Succession“I don’t think my grandpa wanted my mom to take over, since she’s a woman.”
  3. money money money
    Trump Is Reportedly Less Rich NowHis net worth dropped by $400 million last year.
  4. my two cents
    I Don’t Want My Co-workers to Know How Rich I AmYour ‘me vs. them’ mentality is a problem.
  5. Why You Feel Richer or Poorer Than You Really Are“Subjective wealth” is about much more than what’s in your bank account.
  6. late capitalism
    This ‘Movie Trailer’ for a Mansion Is the Most Ridiculous Thing You’ll See TodayWhat is happening here?
  7. perception
    Rich People Literally See the World DifferentlyMoney shapes perception, down to the millisecond.
  8. wealth
    The Lives of One-Percenters Are Way Less Sexy Than You ThoughtEven if you have a gold toilet, you still have to scrub it.
  9. You Should Be Suspicious If Your Checking Account Makes You HappyIt’s not to be trusted.
  10. The More Money You Make, the Less Time You Spend OnlineAttention is finite.
  11. The Rich Spend More Time With Friends, the Poor Spend More Time With FamilyHow your income influences your social life.
  12. love and war
    IVF Works Better If You’re RichOr if you’re in a female-dominated field.
  13. social anthropology
    115 Ways to Scream ‘Status’The thing to have right now if you’re an Italian chef, an Upper East Side lady, a leather daddy, or a Dalton senior. (We know because we asked.)
  14. social psychology
    What Happens When You Make Someone Feel WealthyLet’s just say they don’t become more generous.
  15. political psychology
    The World Is a Pretty Fair Place, According to Rich PeoplePeople who aren’t rich, it may not surprise you to find out, beg to differ.