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Wearable Tech

  1. finer things
    Louis Vuitton’s Headphones Cost $836 More Than AirPodsEarly adopters include rappers Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, and Lil Yachty.
  2. wearable tech
    Do Not Lose These $995 Louis Vuitton HeadphonesAnd you thought AirPods looked rich.
  3. wearable tech
    Is Fashion Ready for Snapchat Sunglasses?Finally, some good-looking wearable tech.
  4. everyone’s doing it
    How to Wear AirPods Without Looking Like an IdiotAccording to New Yorkers at rush hour.
  5. our bodies our trackers
    Ingestibles Could Be the New WearablesAre you ready to swallow a tiny computer? 
  6. Hussein Chalayan’s High-Fashion Take on Wearable TechnologyThe designer who’s making Jetsons fantasies realities.
  7. 10 Fashion People Envision Their Dream WearableMichael Kors wants “Samantha Stephens on my wrist”; Daphne Guinness is out to disrupt the zipper.
  8. Decades of Hand-wringing About Wearable TechWe are all cyborgs typing in thumb code. 
  9. Remembering Web 1.0’s Click + Drag SubcultureModems in the club? Why not?
  10. A Brief History of Wearable TechFrom the first headsets to the debut of Google glass.
  11. wearable tech
    Maybe This Female Condom Will Be Something Other Than a Vibrating Vagina-LinerA new contraceptive that promises high returns. 
  12. the future
    Gucci Is Getting Into the Wearable-Tech GameWith an assist from Will.i.am.
  13. the hunger games
    Here: A Choke Collar to Judge Your Eating HabitsAn upsetting wearable-tech offering. 
  14. printed matter
    The Apple Watch Is Being Advertised in the Most Analog Possible WayVia a 12-page spread in Vogue.
  15. apple watch watch
    The Apple Watch Is Finally Coming to Us in AprilCEO Tim Cook made the big announcement.
  16. Sorry, Aspiring Glassholes: Google Is Scrapping Google GlassAt least in its present form.
  17. year in review
    Fashion in 2014, From the Sublime to the RidiculousNormcore, Pharrell’s hat, and one particularly oily butt.
  18. experiments
    Can You Train Yourself to Accept Your Body?A wearable device delivered an electric jolt every time I had a negative thought about my appearance. 
  19. charging ahead
    Now You Can Charge Your Phone With an OC Varsity JacketWelcome to the future!
  20. ifashion
    The Apple Watch Made a Paris Fashion Week Appearance Anna Wintour got to try it on. 
  21. the youth
    More Than Two-Thirds of the Youth Want Wearable TechSmart watches! 
  22. apple watch
    The Fashion World Reacts to Apple WatchWhat designers and editors think. 
  23. interview
    Video: Rebecca Minkoff Talks Wearable TechWe caught up with the designer after today’s show to ask what’s in the pipeline.
  24. ayo technology
    Rebecca Minkoff Is Introducing Wearable TechTo debut at her New York show.
  25. nerve wracking
    It’s Now Extra Stressful to Be a Ball Boy at the U.S. OpenThey will wear Ralph Lauren shirts that measure their heart rates.
  26. sexy tech
    Tory Burch Joins the Wearable-Tech FrayShe made a FitBit.
  27. iwatch watch
    Apple Just Made Another Big Fashion HireUpping its watch game. 
  28. we will all be robots
    Here’s the First-Ever Google Glass Hair TutorialIn the future, we’ll all be robots with great side ponies.
  29. we will all be robots
    Nobody Wants to Wear Wearable Tech Just YetThey keep tryin’, but nobody is interested in buyin’.
  30. glassholes
    Google Hires Fashion Exec to Lead Glass TeamStop trying to make Google Glass happen.
  31. google glass glasses
    Glassholes Will Soon Be Wearing WayfarersGoogle is partnering with Luxottica. 
  32. icymi
    The Cut’s Week in Review, From Scalp Facials to the Princeton MomTen things we learned this week.
  33. innovation
    The Maybe-Wearable Tech of South by SouthwestNew designs charge your phone and know who you are.
  34. wearable tech
    Will New Frames Make Google Glass Less Ugly?And will people wear them?