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Wearable Technology

  1. good vibrations
    As a Single Woman, I’m Willing to Consider These Vibrating Yoga PantsPerfect for self-care multitasking.
  2. the hunger games
    Here: A Choke Collar to Judge Your Eating HabitsAn upsetting wearable-tech offering. 
  3. apple watch watch
    The Apple Watch Already Landed a Vogue Cover On the arm of Liu Wen.
  4. fitspo
    This Wearable-Tech Bracelet Electrocutes You If You Skip the GymThe most sadomasochistic new wearable. 
  5. we will all be robots
    Here’s the First-Ever Google Glass Hair TutorialIn the future, we’ll all be robots with great side ponies.
  6. wearable technology
    Ladies, You Can Now Marry Your iPhoneA new ring connects you to your technology at all times.
  7. ewww
    Wearable Technology Leaves a RashFitbit is offering exchanges or refunds on Force bracelets.
  8. sexy tech
    Coming Soon: A ‘Discreet’ Wearable VibratorRaising the question: Can Bluetooth ever be sexy?
  9. nerdy stuff
    Is Wearable Technology Actually Fashionable?We consulted Joe Zee, Anna Wintour, and other stylish folks to find out.