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  1. hairy situations
    Beyoncé’s Wet Hair Isn’t Political“I think hair is an expression,” says her stylist. “There’s no one way it should look.”
  2. hairy situations
    So Long, Weaves. 3-D Printers Can Now Make Hair.Technology is great.
  3. tales from beyonce’s wig lair
    Beyoncé’s Strange Bangs Are Officially GoneBack to the bob. 
  4. weave like an egyptian
    The Ancient Egyptians Loved Hair ExtensionsArchaeologists found proof.
  5. hairy situations
    Beyoncé’s Weave Got Caught in a Fan During ‘Halo’She handled it like a champ.
  6. beauty marks
    Shu Uemura to Be Available Online Only; Kelis in Trouble Over $5,000 WeavePlus: Michigan wants to tax haircuts, tanning, and manicures.