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Wedding Checklist

  1. What You Should Know Before Starting to Plan Your WeddingAn easy-to-follow guide.
  2. winter weddings 2019
    The Everything Guide to a Wedding by the FireWhether those flames come with a cozy new hearth in Red Hook, a pyrotechnic dance troupe, or some Michelin-caliber s’mores.
  3. summer weddings 2018
    The Everything Guide to Staying Cool at a Summer WeddingHow to freshen up before photos, shade your guests with market umbrellas, and take the sweaty dance floor by storm.
  4. summer weddings 2018
    Where to Shop for Wedding Gowns When You’re Not a Sample SizeThere’s a whole new bridal-scape catering to non-model shapes. An engaged writer ranks her top-six experiences, both in-store and online.
  5. summer weddings 2018
    An Easy Way to Put a Personal Touch on Your Wedding InvitationsTry a calligraphic typeface for a lettered-by-hand look.
  6. wedding checklist
    How to Plan a Wedding in Six WeeksTips for pulling off a very brief engagement.
  7. winter weddings 2018
    Pretty Postcard Wedding Invitations That You Don’t Have to Hide in an EnvelopeSeven of our favorite eye-catching, no-fuss invites.
  8. summer weddings 2017
    How to Have a Wedding in a New York City ApartmentYou’re already sleeping in the city’s best venue.
  9. dress shopping
    What to Do Now That J.Crew’s Bridal Line Is No MoreSensible brides can try one of these five reasonably priced gown purveyors.
  10. wedding checklist
    9 Wedding Invitations With a Touch of WildPainterly floral motifs are everywhere this season.
  11. wedding checklist
    8 Statement-Making Wedding InvitationsDraw them in with a dramatic palette.
  12. wedding checklist
    How to Have a Bachelor(ette) Party in the Middle of the WoodsTips and tricks on taking the party far, far away from Caesars Palace.
  13. go green
    Mint Is the New Black for Wedding InvitationsCool-green shades have moved from the runway to your invites.
  14. time travel
    How to Have a Very Vintage WeddingParty like it’s 1899.
  15. wedding checklist
    What to Do If It Rains on Your Wedding DayHow to ensure the photos turn out okay, the dress stays dry, and the groom can still ride in on a horse.
  16. wedding checklist
    The Art of Compromising in Wedding PlanningAn everything guide to give-and-take — among couples, future in-laws, and sensitive bridesmaids.