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Wedding Dresses

  1. 4ever
    45 Stunning Nontraditional Wedding DressesWho says you have to be married in white?
  2. weddings!
    Natural Beauties: Summer’s Effortlessly Gorgeous Wedding GownsThese stunning dresses draw inspiration from the carefree days of summer.
  3. weddings!
    Eight Outrageously Unique Wedding DressesThe season’s most stunning gowns, some swathed in tulle and lace, others elegantly unadorned.
  4. weddings!
    Why These Famous Women Wed in Pink DressesOveranalyzing the dresses of Witherspoon, Hathaway, and Biel.
  5. the aisle
    Marriage Is Now a Luxury Good (Complete With Buyer’s Remorse)My wedding dress ushered me into a modern tribe: those who can afford to marry for love.
  6. women who won
    Everyone Loves Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Dress — Except Cathy HorynClinton wore Vera Wang, and her new hubby wore Burberry.