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Wedding Proposals

  1. love is real
    This Live Marriage Proposal Surprised Everyone at EurovisionNothing says “I love you” like live television.
  2. engagement rings
    Serena Williams Is Having Fun Teasing Her Fans About Her Engagement RingDid you expect her to show a close-up of it?
  3. celebrities
    Ashley Greene and Fiancé Paul Khoury Announce Their Engagement With a VideoThe couple shared a video on Instagram documenting exactly how Khoury proposed to Greene while on vacation.
  4. berning love
    Bernie Sanders Suspends Campaign of Charming Grumpiness to Help Staffer ProposeBernie Sanders proposal video is the new flash mob proposal.
  5. can u not
    Man’s Wedding Proposal Requires Emergency RescueBut why?
  6. ring ring
    Is There Such a Thing As a Feminist Marriage Proposal?What was I supposed to do? Shake hands after we paid for the ring?
  7. decent proposals
    Talking With the Girl Who Accepted an Instagram Marriage Proposal“It’s so 2014.”
  8. my best friend’s wedding
    Yep, Everyone on Facebook Just Got EngagedYour feed speaks the truth.
  9. decent proposals
    Now, a Marriage Proposal via Homemade Video-Game She did lose a life on her attempt to get the golden ring. 
  10. Watch: Our Favorite Dramatic Wedding ProposalsFrom Glee to Gone With the Wind.