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Weight Issues

  1. extreme measures
    How Models Are Skirting Those BMI Requirements“I even saw them put weights in their hair.”
  2. wanna be on top
    Top Model Reportedly Dropped for Being Too HippyAnd by hippy, we don’t mean “hippie.”
  3. quotables
    Margaret Cho Will Always ‘Defend [Her] Loveliness’And she’ll do so ruthlessly. Team Cho!
  4. quotables
    Agents Once Told a Young Coco Rocha, ‘The Look This Year Is Anorexic’“This message was especially troubling given the fact that I was only fifteen.”
  5. wanna be on top (of the dating game)
    Top Model Winner Whitney Thompson Launched a Dating SiteIt’s catering to plus-size women and their would-be admirers.
  6. model tracker
    Lara Stone Is Tired of Being the ‘Fat One’She’s taken up Pilates, running, and swimming to lose weight.
  7. nobody puts beth in a corner
    British GQ Editor Calls Beth Ditto ‘Fat,’ You ‘Stupid’Somebody has issues.
  8. body issues
    One Aspiring Model Isn’t Thin Enough, Turns to Cocktailing’America’s Next Top Model’ casting directors and agents from top agencies told Tatiana Stewart to drop at least ten pounds.
  9. model tracker
    Heidi Klum Doesn’t Starve Herself, But Loses Weight, AnywayHeidi Klum said she was never a runway model because she doesn’t starve herself to look like a rail. Her metabolism must be magic.
  10. body issues
    One ‘Australia’s Next Top Model’ Contestant’s Dramatic Weight LossA 16-year-old finalist of the fourth season lost four inches from her hips after judges called her “bottom-heavy.”
  11. cult of personality
    The Real Reason Mariah Carey Brought a $20,000 Gym to LondonShe’ll probably hold interviews with the British press in it to discuss her recent weight loss, since that’s been her main tactic for promoting her new album.
  12. body issues
    Those Juice Fasts Are Not Exactly HealthyThese body-cleansing, weight-eliminating cure-alls are all the rage, but you won’t believe what one writer wound up with after she juice fasted for ten days.
  13. new york fugging city
    ‘Vogue’ Shape Issue Is Anything ButEvery year, as a nod to the abnormality of its bony universe, Vogue publishes a shape issue purporting to spotlight non-model bodies for a change. It often feels as perfunctory as it sounds — like alpha-twigs know anything about cellulite?
  14. body issues
    Model Eats, Obviously Sent Home From ParisHere’s a good one from Paris: It’s not as if the scant body mass indexes on runways are good things. But the absurdity marches on, and still some strong-headed young things refuse to accept the conventions of modeling’s narrow vision.