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Weird Food

  1. snacks
    I Can’t Shut Up About Spam Figgy PuddingIt’s so wrong, and yet so right.
  2. extremely online
    I Tried ‘Dirty Soda,’ TikTok’s New Favorite DrinkJoin me on this journey of Diet Coke, milk, and … Olivia Rodrigo?
  3. instagram food
    The Great Jell-O ResurgenceWhy are our feeds suddenly encased in gelatin?
  4. life on mars
    Seriously, Why Does Anyone Want to Go to Space?Space’s newest guests will eat cold pizza and listen to a Kings of Leon NFT — to which I say, ‘No thank you.’
  5. huh!
    Is Henry Cavill Okay?The egg grill. The newsboy cap. The protein shakes. What exactly is going on here?
  6. cheers?
    Gird Your Livers, Hard Mountain Dew Is ComingWill it fill the Four Loko–shaped void in our lives?